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Anthony Agyeman, Megan Shears Review


Anthony Agyeman and his girlfriend Megan Shears are running a Facebook video ad. They’re on a rooftop terrace in Dubai. The view is absolutely breathtaking. Megan asks why we’re not in ecommerce yet. The cameraperson zooms in on their laptop. They show their latest case study story: a Walmart account that did almost fifty grand in the last thirty days. Since that particular store was launched four months ago, it’s done a total of a hundred and forty-two thousand. And it was completely hands-free, Anthony adds. Is it just me or is something off about these two?

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Anthony shows a different Walmart seller account. This one’s for one of their clients. They did five hundred and twenty-one thousand dollars in revenue in the last four months. Another client supposedly did almost nine hundred grand in revenue in only six months. Again, one hundred percent hands-free, thanks to their Walmart automation service. They’ve got an entire team of experts dedicated to our success. Just sit back and collect passive income.

I want to believe them. They seem like a sweet couple. But I hear warning bells ringing. For starters, they don’t look anything like the typical nerdy internet marketer who would sit behind a computer all day, learning about tech and ecom. Second, their schtick seems to be all lifestyle marketing. No substance. Their Instagram feeds are loaded with luxury and adventure, but there is zero evidence that they know anything about selling on Walmart.

Third, Anthony’s Facebook fanpage has nearly thirty-six thousand likes, but his posts get almost no interaction. Is that because he bought some of those followers? Fourth, Anthony admits he used to sell drugs. Even got busted. Now I’m all for second chances, but I also believe people don’t change their moral standards. If Anthony was willing to resort to illegal activity to make money in the past, can we trust that he’s on the up and up today?


Fifth, I always find it suspicious when these young gurus pop up out of nowhere, you Google them, and they magically have all of these credibility-boosting articles already written about them on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Disrupt Magazine, Bloomberg, Influencive, and other “trustworthy” websites. All of them published within days of each other. And if you click on the author’s bio, on Forbes, for example, the gal happens to run a PR firm. Coincidence? I think not.

Sixth, their pitch. I don’t know about you, but when I hear “do nothing and enjoy tens of thousands of dollars a month in hands-free income,” I’m going to be skeptical. I’m willing to keep an open mind, and look for evidence that might prove my suspicions wrong. But in this case, Anthony Agyeman and Megan Shears only made it worse. The more I researched them, the more concerned I became.

Time will tell whether or not they are legit. If they are selling people a ten- or twenty grand Walmart automation package and not delivering results, no amount of (paid) positive press can keep that covered up. I hope they are legit. I hope it just looks bad from my vantage point. I hope, going forward, Anthony and Megan can put out some content to prove they are indeed experts at Walmart dropshipping. And that they don’t just make their money from selling you the dream.

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