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Douglas James Review, How He Makes His Money

Douglas James Money

Douglas James is a Navy veteran who coaches and trains average working Americans and ex-military on how to start an online business from home. Using only a computer and WiFi. In his YouTube ad he shows a large stack of cash to grab your attention. “Let me ask you a question,” he says. “What if I could give you a hundred thousand dollars in cash? Well, I can give you this hundred grand [shoves the money towards the camera] or I can teach ya how to make this every single month.”

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How can he make such a bold promise? Is Douglas James a scam? No, he’s just doing what he has to do to cut through the noise online. That hundred grand is what he made from just one of his income streams in the last thirty days. “And what I do can be done from anywhere in the world,” he continues. “And the people that I work with are anywhere in the world. And all I really need is a phone and a laptop. But let me be clear and tell you what this is not.”

He goes over to his whiteboard and says it’s not affiliate marketing where you’re selling other people’s junk and getting a cut. It’s not MLM where you’re sucked into this scheme and having to enroll people underneath you. This is not SEO that takes six to twelve months to get paid. This is not blogging where you’re constantly writing content. It’s not a four year degree where you come out buried in debt with no guarantee of a job. And it’s certainly not enlisting in the military.

So what is it? Douglas describes it as a simple high demand skill that few know about. It’s brand new, cutting-edge, a real skill that pays the bills. He’s been doing it for the past five years, making multiple four figures per day. More specifically, he works with small businesses, helping them get more customers. How? He places ads on Google and Facebook. People see them, click, enter their info, and that info gets forward to this clients. Dentists, attorneys, chiropractors, whoever he’s working with.


“They pay me because I’m pretty much sending them new customers,” Douglas explains. “And I’m able to make stacks of cash which is really really cool. Okay, so that’s one way I make money from the internet. The other way is I teach people how to do that. Why? Basically, everyone saw me driving a Mercedes, wearing designer clothes, and started asking for my help. To be able to serve more people at once, naturally, I created an online education company.”

So if it’s all about giving back, why charge for the information? “Because if you give it to them for free, what’s the probability of them taking action?” he says. “Probably zero. So you gotta charge them something for it. Right? The more you pay, the more you pay attention. So that’s the second thing I do to earn a living online. The third thing that I’ve been focusing heavily on is working with other coaches and consultants. Which is why I branded myself as The High Ticket Client Guy.”

Speaking of which, how much does it cost to work with Douglas James? It depends on the program, but the bare minimum is three grand. That number screens out those he doesn’t want to work with or can’t help. On the high end, Douglas has charged clients as much as fifty K for his more hands on services. Knowing that, what is Douglas James’s net worth? It’s likely in the two to three million range. You can learn more about Douglas James over on his website.

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