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AI Real Estate System Review (Cody Sperber)


Cody Sperber is every Instagram vs. Reality meme you’ve ever seen. He’s downsized from not one but two mansions due to financial troubles and is currently going through a nasty divorce. But his Instagram feed would have you believe he’s rich and happy and has it all figured out.

To keep the facade going, though, he does need to make as much money as he can. 

And that brings us to his latest little scheme. 

Just like his idol, Billy Gene, Cody’s jumping on the AI bandwagon.

His latest Facebook ad encourages you to “unleash the power of AI in real estate.” But don’t worry, this isn’t another course. Cody’s above that now. He’s looking for “partners” who’re eager to embrace artificial intelligence to start, automate and scale a real estate investing business.

I wonder if by “partner” he means someone dumb enough to buy into this opportunity, all so they can have the honor of busting their butt to bring him deals. And, who knows, if quite a few of you take him up on it, maybe he can get back to truly being rich.

But, um, back to the lecture at hand.

The Clever Investor will provide you with all the tools, training and knowledge to leverage AI to find and close off-market deals:

  • Without any tech skills
  • Without any sales skills
  • Without a huge budget

That’s right, if you have a pulse and can hit enter, you’ve got a bright future ahead of you.

(Assuming you team up with Cody, that is.)

“I’ve been a real estate investor for the last 20 years. I just did a deal where I made $8,000,” he says, holding up a piece of paper that could literally say anything on it. “Another one for $10,000. Another one for $16,000. Here’s a $5k deal. This one’s for $34,000.”

I mean, with that kinda money coming in, you’d think he could afford to stay in that new crib he just built. But nope. It’s definitely on Zillow. He’s already cut the price by $51k. How low will it go? Time will tell.

Question: would you sell your brand new mansion – for way less than you thought it was worth – if you were swimming in money? Yeah, me neither.

Cody With Ashanti

Anyways, let’s hear Cody out. Here’s the video portion of his Facebook ad.

“Attention real estate investors and wholesalers,” he says, “check this out, this is really cool. I’ve got this amazing new deal finding software that’s powered by artificial intelligence. And it just found me 103 leads – in the Phoenix metro area – where the algorithm is telling me that these sellers are gonna sell at a massive discount.”

“And they’re gonna do so within the next 90 days,” he continues, making me think maybe Miss Cleo, herself, wrote the code for this AI tool. “If you’re a real estate wholesaler, screw wasting time chasing after deals that are non-deals – the homeowners that’ll never sell at a discount.”

“What if your artificial intelligence deal finding software had psychic capabilities? [Swear to God, I hadn’t heard that part when I wrote the Miss Cleo line. That’s freakin’ hilarious.] And what if it could literally tell you exactly which sellers are gonna sell at a massive discount?”

“Again, this is how I’m finding all of my deals right now. It’s all thanks to this powerful, completely unfair technology.”

“So if you’re a new real estate investor, just trying to get things going; if you’re an experienced real estate investor, you’re trying to scale; if you don’t even really wanna do real estate but you just wanna make money from home? This AI Real Estate System is gonna be for you.”

“I will even deal partner with you. I’ll put up the money. I’ll do all the heavy lifting. You just use the AI to find deals from the comfort of your own home. Submit ’em to my team, and we will take it from there,” Cody pitches.

Okay, let’s address two points.

First, while AI can indeed streamline the hunt for potential deals, it’s not a mind reader. Therefore, Cody’s entire spiel – not unlike his flamboyant lifestyle – is fundamentally a fabrication.

Second, why include you in this? Bingo! Because the big, guaranteed money comes from selling the dream. Any deals you might actually partner on? Is just the cherry on top for Mr. Sperber.

But you saw the hoodie, ladies. Better get in line.

Also, I wonder how much Ashanti was paid to be at that event?

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