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Jono Armstrong Reviews (MOF)

Short YouTube Videos Jono

Jono Armstrong is back. In this ad, he says you can make money with YouTube in the next six hours. You can do so with a brand new channel and zero subscribers. That’s right. People are making a hundred dollars, two hundred dollars, four hundred dollars a day by uploading simple five-to-eight-minute videos. And they don’t need to go viral. Some of these videos are getting less than twenty-five views. Is there any truth to what Mr. Ministry Of Freedom is saying here? Doubtful. Scroll down for my Jono Armstrong review.

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Jono claims this is only possible because of the rapidly-growing software and tech industry. His computer screen shows a page full of trashy white label software products. “These companies will happily pay you to upload videos on their behalf,” he says. He then shows his sales dashboard. One hundred and fifty-seven grand (and some change) in the last thirty days. Time out.

Does this sociopath expect you to believe he made that uploading spammy YouTube videos with fifteen views a piece? I think he does. No need to work hard growing a YouTube channel over the course of a few years; according to Jono, you can just get rich quick. This is the new way to make money from YouTube. He doesn’t have time to get into all the details in this ad, of course.

Surprise, surprise, he’s got a free webclass you can sign up for. On it, he’ll teach you where to find these software companies, how to partner with them, what to put in your videos, and how to earn as much as thirteen thousand dollars in the next week doing this. Hurry though. Jono isn’t sure how much longer he’ll be able to keep this online. He doesn’t say why. Maybe because he’ll be behind bars?

Jono Arrmstrong Product

A girl can dream. If Jon Penberthy’s uncle stretched the truth anymore, it would snap back and knock the few remaining hairs clean off his head. Just as I suspected, when I opted in to this funnel, it was still a pitch for his Ministry Of Freedom program. Which has nothing to do with uploading simple little five-to-eight-minute YouTube videos and everything to do with participating in the MOF pyramid scheme.

That’s how Jono makes so much money. By selling you a system and then having you sell the system to other people who will do the same. Armstrong’s Amway if you will. His ads are just a beard. “Come learn this really cool thing!” So you click, cough up your email. “Actually, now that I got you here, how would you like to earn thousands of dollars a day reselling Ministry Of Freedom?”

Which is why Google is plastered with ads and press releases and review blogs praising old Jono. They’re all his affiliates trying to make that quick buck he promised them. And same as with MLM, some do. The top one or two percent. But even for them, are they proud of the way they’re making their money? Would they be like, “Hey mom, come look at this fake review I planted to sell suckers an opportunity to sell suckers that same opportunity and earn big money in the process”? I doubt it. I don’t think it passes the Mom Test. Can’t wait for the next Jono Armstrong YouTube ad.

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Katie Smith: “Hey y’all. I’m the chief marketing officer here at Zuubly. I’d like to show you a new way to do real estate. Think: rent money minus tenants, toilets, trash, and steep startup costs. Here’s more.”