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Spare Time Profits Review (Jeff Lenney)

Lurn.com Affiliate

Anik Singal is the CEO of Lurn, where he sells lots of make money online courses. Not a fan. Too slick, too opportunistic. One day he’s got a YouTube ad with Robert Kiyosaki, saying email marketing’s where it’s at. The next, he’s talking up Dave Kettner, who says no no, it’s print on demand coffee mugs. Today, it was this guy, Jeff Lenney, who says, nope, you’re all wrong, Amazon affiliate marketing (plus free traffic) is the holy grail of side hustles.

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Anik doesn’t care which you choose; he’s making money no matter what course you end up buying. Hopefully all of ’em, right? But let’s talk about this latest model, shall we? He brings in long time affiliate marketer, Jeff Lenney, who says he has this one little site that made like a hundred and sixteen grand in a single month. Using a hundred percent free traffic from Google. By, get this, earning a measly two to three percent selling everyday products on Amazon as an affiliate. Crazy, huh?

For this strategy, Jeff suggests avoiding the big three niches everyone usually wants to go into: health, wealth, and relationships. They’re just gonna be too hard to rank a new website in. Whereas, if you throw up a WordPress blog reviewing lawn mowers, for example, it’s much easier. In fact, physical products, in general, tend to be easier than trying to rank for digital courses and such, since that’s what every guru pretty much teaches. You got me nodding my head in agreement so far, Jeff. Go on.

So, since he’s promoting physical products, it makes sense he uses Amazon’s affiliate program, even though a lot of super affiliates talk bad about it because their commissions are itty-bitty. What you lose in commission percentage you make up for with faster, easier rankings, and higher conversions. Jeff estimates one outta every ten visitors he sends over to Amazon ends up buying at least one item. Compare that to sending traffic to a ClickBank course, where you might see one outta a hundred purchase.

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So physical products not in the make money online or lose weight fast or fix your marriage spaces, that people can buy on Amazon. Got it. What other criteria does Jeff look for? Well, like lawn mowers, he wants something where he can find at least five to ten alternatives, and ideally, they’re priced between five hundred and a thousand bucks or more. And they should all have some decent reviews, right, because that’s what Amazon shoppers do: they scroll straight to the reviews and use those to make a buying decision.

Once you’ve got your physical product niche, you grab a brandable domain. So something like LibertyLawn.com or whatever’s available, right? This also gives you room to branch out in the future. You could add weed whackers and blowers and rotary spreaders and chainsaws and, you get the idea. Anyways, next, you install a WordPress theme, make it look pretty, optimize it, start publishing the product reviews (which you can do yourself or outsource), and then put in your affiliate links directing people over to Amazon.

You may have a to point a few backlinks and wait a month or so, but then you should start seeing some of your reviews hitting the first page of Google, and that’s when you’ll see your first commission come in. From there, you rinse and repeat and scale it up. Enjoy the semi-passive income or flip the site for three to four times what it’s on pace to make in a year. Gotta say, I’m picking up what Jeff Lenney’s putting down. He seems cool and trustworthy and I’d have no issue with you buying his Cashwords Formula course for four hundred bucks, even if it is published by Lurn.

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