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Nick Deflorio Review (Onyx FX Global Course)


Nick Deflorio says, if you’re someone who wants to make a massive income this year, using only your phone or laptop, from anywhere in the world, with no experience whatsoever? Listen up right now. There’s a new business model he’s been using to make over six figures a year for four years running. “Just learn this method, log on, and start making money. It’s as simple as that,” he claims. Skeptical? Me too. Read on for my Nick Deflorio review.

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Nick really makes this mysterious new business sound like a dream come true. You don’t need to make any changes to your life to do it. You can keep your day job and do this on the side. You don’t need a bunch of capital to start and there’s no ongoing costs. All you need, time-wise, is 15 to 30 minutes a day. He’s got dozens of screenshots from people he’s already taught this to that are profiting $500 to $1,000 (or more) each and every day.

All of that was from his three minute YouTube ad I just watched. To find out what he’s actually doing, you have to click-through and register for his free webinar. It’s generally not a good sign if someone who is running a paid ad goes out of their way to hide what they’re really doing.

Once I landed on his webinar registration page, it all made sense. The URL was Onyx FX Global dot com. Nuff said. If I was positioning forex trading as a solution to make money quick and easy, I wouldn’t lead with that either. At this point, I must say, this is sounding a whole lot like Lance Ippolito’s scammy pitch for his Shadow Blitz program.


Another red flag is that, while Nick claims to be crushing it with forex, we’ll have to take his word for it I guess. He provides no concrete evidence that he’s actually profited at least six figures for the last four years straight. It’s still possible that he has, but why not log in, live, to your trading account and run a report for that time period? Wouldn’t that put people’s minds at ease?

I also find it weird that he has almost no content online, except for a few pictures of himself living the good life on Instagram. That’s not the weird part though. That’s fine. In fact, we’re not even on social media ourselves. We’re specialists at making, ranking, and renting out small, simple websites like the one you’re on now. But we’ve never been featured in Yahoo News, Disrupt Magazine, and other big name sites like Nick Deflorio has. Gee, you don’t think he paid for those, knowing he was about to launch his mastermind, do you?

Maybe Nick Deflorio is a good guy. Maybe he really is an expert at day trading forex. Maybe some of his Onyx FX Global members are making money. But I guarantee the average mentee of his is not making “a consistent $1k/day in their spare time using just a laptop or phone,” as he states in his marketing. And you already know how I feel about gurus basing their entire offer on an unrealistic income claim. (I’m looking at you, Robby Blanchard.) So yeah. I’d proceed with caution on this one if I were you.

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