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O’Snap Active Lifestyle Review


John and Najlah Malott are the husband and wife duo behind O’Snap Active Lifestyle, a new MLM company that “transforms minds, bodies, and bank accounts.” Their mission is simple: to create a community of healthy, wealthy, like-minded entrepreneurs where team spirit matters more than individual ego. What are their products? Can you really make money with their comp plan? Is it a pyramid scheme? Scroll down for my O’Snap review.

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John Malott met Najlah Muhammad back in 2016 at a nightclub. They quickly fell in love despite their obvious differences in race and age (John is 50 and Najlah is 26 at the time of writing this). John has four daughters; his oldest is two months older than Najlah. It took their families a while to warm up to the idea of them being in love. It’s a good thing they did because John and Najlah tied the knot in June of 2019. They now live in John’s Scottsdale home.

John is originally from Wisconsin. He dropped out of high school in the tenth grade and was in and out of detention facilities. At 17, he had a heart attack from smoking cocaine. He started out working as a janitor and slowly climbed the corporate ladder, landing a respectable job at General Electric. Unfulfilled, he and his second ex-wife, Tiffaney, joined a skincare MLM called Seacret Direct. They would become top earners before they divorced. Najlah was an entrepreneur and fitness coach when John’s dance moves caught her eye. Cynics say she’s a gold digger; a label she adamantly denies.

The power couple is leveraging their polarizing relationship and Najlah’s sex appeal to build buzz for O’Snap Active Lifestyle. It appears to be working. Other bronzed beauties are now spamming their feeds with photos of the O’Snap products: Surge in a Snap (energy blend); Complete in a Snap (multivitamin, greens); Sleep in a Snap (melatonin, GABA); Reverse in a Snap (DNA repair, prevent future cellular damage). Power Packs are available to buy in bulk. Each individual serving pack is “snapped” and squeezed into water or beverage of choice, and drank.


As with all MLMs, O’Snap’s compensation plan is quite confusing. There are seven ways you can earn money with the company: Retail Sales; Quick Start Bonus; Binary Step Pay; Matching Pay; Residual Pay; Profit Sharing Pool; and Trips and Promotional Awards. Good luck understanding the fine print of it all. Just know, to make the most money, you’ll have to buy in at the highest level, order tons of product, and maximize both your individual and team volume.

Do I think you can make money with this? If you have a large social media following or decent website traffic or you happen to be an advertising ace, yes, absolutely. Maybe even big money. Maybe even fast, since you’d be getting in on the ground floor. As for the remaining 99% of you? Outside of friends’ and family’s “pity purchases,” probably not. Hey, it’s just how these things go.

Does that mean I think it’s a pyramid scheme? Hmm. Pretty much, yeah. I think all multilevel marketing companies are pyramid schemes. The reason most don’t get shut down is simply because the FTC doesn’t have the bandwidth to go after everyone. So if O’Snap does a good job of pretending people would buy the products even if there was no comp plan attached and they minimize complaints, they can probably fly under the radar for years to come. But I still wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

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