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Your Web Traffic Agency Review (Michael Bashi)


Michael Bashi has an alternative to creating your own course or coaching program. Sell advertising. Aka traffic. Since 2015, he has been helping aspiring entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their own email advertising agency. Also known as a solo ads agency. Which you can do even if you don’t have an email list of your own. Confused? Me too. Scroll down for my full review of Michael’s Your Web Traffic Agency offer.

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The internet is one giant pool of advertising. No matter where you go, you see ads. Why not take a slice of that pie? Your Web Traffic Agency (YWTA) will build you a hyper-profitable email advertising business. Completely done-for-you. Michael Bashi and his team will create the following assets so that you never have to worry about making money online ever again.

First, a lead magnet and point-of-entry page. You’ve seen these a million times. “Enter your name and email to download the free report.” Basically, an opt-in page that offers people valuable information in exchange for them joining your list. Second, a tripwire offer. Low ticket, high value. Designed to recoup your ad spend right after they opt-in. Third, your main product: selling email traffic. You’ll make anywhere from $44 to $2,625 per sale. Fourth and final, total email domination. Michael’s email drips that will continue to sell your solo ads service on autopilot. You don’t lift a finger.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So much tech and high-level skills go into it. Copywriting, positioning, persuasion, branding. Pages, plugins, software, tools, design, formatting. All of the automations and rules. “If they open this email but don’t click the link, send this email next.” And a million other things Michael didn’t mention. It takes a lot of legwork and expertise.

Michael Bashi

Your Web Traffic Agency doesn’t stop there though. You also get access to Michael’s full training suite. It includes video tutorials breaking down the entire business model; a three-part traffic training; order fulfillment training; customer nurturing best practices; bonuses that teach you Facebook and Bing ads; direct support from Michael; and more. YWTA costs $2,500 or three payments of $997. You can order directly or book a call before you buy.

The short-term goal of YWTA is to get you to three thousand per month as fast as possible. Long-term, it’s to try and scale to five or even six figures per month. You have six weeks to put the YWTA system to the test; if you do the work and don’t get the results promised, you can get your money back. But remember, you will have to prove you did each of the steps laid out by Michael.

While there’s some undeniable value here, two things bother me. One, is it just me or is Michael running his own mimi MLM here? I mean, it didn’t seem like that at first. But the more I dug into it, unless I’m missing something, you’re just paying Michael to help sell more spammy email blasts. Which brings up bothersome thing number two. Solo ads are the red-headed stepchild of web traffic. Nobody wants ’em. Unless you’re too broke to pay for other ads like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.; and/or you’re promoting something so sleazy you get banned trying to run ads on those platforms. The lists are used, abused, and perform horribly. I wouldn’t want to be a buyer or a seller of solo ad services. Yuck.

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