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Things That Annoy Me About This Space

Super Annoying Gurus

Pretty much every ad from every guru ever.

Being told that something is “new” and “no one else is talking about it.”

Especially if it involves a “simple 3-step system” or “little-known loophole” or some sorta “copy and paste shortcut.” Seriously, just kill me and use my body as fertilizer if that’s how you’re gonna try to sell me.

Being forced to enter my email (and sometimes my phone number) to access the “free training.”

Finding out the “free training” was really a 90-minute webinar that taught nothing.

Being pressured by a stupid countdown timer to buy something.

Being spammed with daily emails (and sometimes text messages) to go back and buy the thing that should’ve already expired when the timer hit zero.

Super douchey “look at my Lambo and mansion” marketing.

Presentations that only sell the dream and hardly mention the business.

Unrealistic income claims, especially when they make it sound like you hardly have to work at all and you’ll get results fast.

Business models that include any of the following: inventory, customer support, recruiting, high-pressure selling, ban-happy platforms like Amazon and Audible and Walmart, high overhead, excessive competition, or having to pay for ads.

Showing screenshots from what students wrote in the Facebook group instead of filming real case studies with them, which is much more valuable.

Retargeting ads that stalk me everywhere I go online.

Coaches that haven’t done the thing they’re selling in years.

Said coaches who clearly spend their entire day promoting their program and coming up with the next cringey ad.

Being asked to book a call without being told the price first.

Not guaranteeing my results.

Upsells once I’m in the program.

Getting in and realizing the training’s completely outdated.

Not getting the support and accountability I was promised.

Feeling like a dollar sign and not a human.

So if you’re anything like me, I think you’ll appreciate this:



P.S. – Remember how you got here. Google search, right? Keep that in mind as you watch this short video from my mentor.