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All About An Exciting New Way To Do Real Estate

What is it?

Imagine owning an apartment complex with 10 units. You can rent each unit out for $1k per month. Now forget about going millions of dollars into debt; tenants, toilets, trash, termites; management companies; cutthroat competition; and market crashes. What are you left with? Zuubly. Real estate reimagined.

Can you be more specific?

We make itty-bitty websites. Rank them in Google. Rent them to local businesses. They toss us a few hundred to a few thousand bucks a month (depending on the niche) because they make several times that much back. Everyone’s happy. Especially you. No products, no inventory, no customer support, no pitching friends and family, no ad spend, no worries. Pandemic-proof. Recession-proof. (In tough times, businesses need us, more than ever, to keep their doors open.)

Is this legit?

Well, have you ever heard of (or used) any of the following websites?

Because they’re all doing this, just on a much bigger level. And think about some of the quickest-growing companies today. Uber, Airbnb, Alibaba. They don’t make products or sell services. They connect people. Right? And that’s what we do. Just on a micro level.

Who’s it for?

Anyone, anywhere, as long as you’ve got WiFi. But this is a real business. You’ll need to treat it as such. A positive attitude, willingness to learn and execute, perseverance, and patience are all key. The more time you can devote to it, the better. In terms of money, we recommend you have at least $500 to launch.

Don’t most businesses already have a website?

Most do, yes. But nobody can find it. So it’s useless. Whereas ours are glued to the top of Google. They’re like customer conveyor belts. Which is the only thing that matters: real results. They want more emails, calls, walk-ins. That’s what our websites give them.

If it’s so easy, why wouldn’t they just do it themselves?

First, don’t confuse easy with simple. This is the latter. Second, some do. They join us. They use our training, software, systems, support, and outsourcing options and apply it to their own business. And so should you, if you own a brick and mortar and you’re up for the challenge. But the majority simply do not have the time or interest to mess around with all this “internet stuff” all day. And since every dollar they pay us makes them two, three, six times that much back? Well, we don’t really “cost” them anything, do we? Nope. We’re the bill that pays their bills.

How do you land clients?

Three words: results in advance. Pick the niche and city. Build the site. Get it ranked. Once the leads start trickling in, hand out samples. Like the nice old lady at Costco. As in, “Here, have some free money. Want more? Sure, it’ll be $1,200 per month. Cancel anytime.” If they say no, who cares? Hit up the next tow truck company (for example) in that city and give them some free money. Keep going till you get a yes. This can be done by text, phone, email, social media, anything. No need to meet anyone in person or even leave the house for that matter. And you can do this in any city; not just the one you live in. And still. If you don’t want to do this part or it makes you uncomfortable, we’d gladly close deals for you in exchange for a small fee. So even if you “suck at sales” or you’re a major introvert, you can win with this.

What happens when an existing client wants to stop paying?

Same as traditional real estate. Find a new “tenant” and carry on. How? Go to their competitor, make a new deal, forward them the emails and calls, and keep collecting checks. Make sense? Once you’ve built out a property, no reason it won’t pay you, monthly, for years to come. Potentially, for a lifetime. Maybe longer. You could pass these on to your kids one day. Talk about leaving a legacy!

Won’t it get saturated if you tell everyone?

No. “Tow Truck Odessa, Texas” is one niche. But so is “Tow Truck College Station, Texas.” And “Tow Truck San Angelo, Texas.” And “Tow Truck Pearland, Texas.” And “Tow Truck, Midland, Texas.” See, you’re only competing at the city level. So think about all the cities just in Texas, alone. Now zoom out. Picture the entire U.S. Keep going. Add in Canada, Australia, the U.K. Heck, the entire world. Now times all those cities by the hundreds of different types of businesses that exist. And remember, there are new industries being born all the time as our world evolves. (Drone security. Mobile IV therapy. Cryotherapy.) The math is undeniable. There are millions of niches and we can’t serve them all ourselves, even though we’d like to.

What if I’m not very “techie?”

We made that a non-issue by creating our own drag-and-drop website builder. And we’re busy building out templates for the hottest niches you can clone with one click. Just tweak the text and pictures and you’re good to go. We can also get you a tracking phone number for just about any city you want to do this in. It will record every call your website generates and organize it into a nice spreadsheet you can give your clients at the end of the month. It will forward each call to the business owner you’re working with and tell them the call is from you before patching it through. It can even bill them per call, if that’s how you structure the deal. This automates your entire business and removes you from the day-to-day entirely.

How long does it take to make money?

You could build one of these websites in a single afternoon if you wanted to. From there, you’ll do citations and backlinks, which we can help you with inside the group. Then it’s just waiting on Google to get ranked. But because you’re only going up against, for example, let’s say, 20 other tow truck sites that serve Odessa, Texas? And none of them know this stuff? Well, you’d be surprised how quickly you can rank. I’ve had brand new sites pop to page one in as little as a few days. For more competitive niches, and/or in larger cities, it could take a couple months. Then people start finding it. You hand out samples (virtually) for a few days. Close a client. (Or have us do it.) Set it, forget it, go do another one. So that’s, what, roughly two to nine weeks (or so), depending on the project? Not bad for an asset that, on average, should make you at least $600 per month for the next however many years. And remember, you’re not working on it that whole time. You could (and should) be building out other rental properties while you’re waiting on Google.

How much money can I make?

Here’s the truth, and I know it’s not what you want to hear, but it’ll depend on at least the following variables: your mindset, attitude, attention to detail, focus, work ethic, consistency, and perseverance. And since we don’t know you, yet, how can we say? What we can do is provide you with the following resources. Use the interactive calculator below to see what’s possible. Then watch the video presentation to see what’s realistic.

What could go wrong?

Obviously, this isn’t a magic bullet. If you don’t follow-through on each step (or outsource it to us), nothing’s going to happen. But assuming you do the work, the other thing you want to look out for is going after the wrong niche. Which, again, you need to think about not only the type of business, but also, city size. If the city’s too small, there may not be enough searches (in Google, for that particular service) to produce a significant amount of leads. Conversely, if the city’s too big, it might take too long to rank and you could lose interest. As for business type? Consider competition. Which do you think would be easier: dentist or commercial window hood cleaning? Also, conversions. Think it’s easier to get someone to call a tow truck when they’re stranded on the side of the road or to call to book a consult for a tummy tuck? Last, ticket price and margins. Are you worth more to a mobile car wash company who might have a net profit of $40 per new sale or a pool deck resurfacing company who pockets nearly $4,000 per new sale? Inside, we’ll steer you in the right direction.

So what all do I get if I join?

Over-the-shoulder, repeat-after-me, always-up-to-date video training. Go at your own pace. Access anywhere, from any device. Private Facebook group where you can ask questions, barter or partner with other members, share wins, and get support 24/7/365. Live weekly calls. Recordings of all previous calls. Interviews. Case studies. Lifetime updates. Our custom anyone-can-do-it website builder. Our hands-free phone system. Tracking numbers for nearly any area code you go into. Outsource any step to our team. Done-for-you closing, if you need it. Invites to meetups and live events.

What does it cost and is there a guarantee?

Put $500 down. That’s it. “Rent” from your first site covers everything else you would need. Plan on about $50 per month to maintain each website. (For domain, hosting, tracking number, software, tools.) Meaning, if your first deal is for $800 per month, $750 of that is pure profit. And yes, if you’re unhappy at any time for any reason, we will refund your $500. Text or call (949) 229-4979 and we’ll get it processed right away. (Although it could take a day or two to show up on your card.)

What makes you guys different?

The majority of coaching programs we’ve reviewed are upwards of $6,000. Their marketing is full of hype and ridiculous income claims. Their model no longer works or never did. Or maybe it does, a little, but you have to deal with any number of other headaches: products, inventory, shipping, customers, recruiting, hard-selling, ads that eat up all your profit, you name it. Plus, they offer no guarantee. No software or solutions to make your life easier. Just a bunch of videos that haven’t been updated in two years (which might as well be 20 as fast as everything changes online). Oftentimes, the person teaching it no longer practices what they preach. (Or, again, never did.) Worse, their only goal is to upsell you a bunch of crap you don’t need. It should already be clear, but we’re the opposite of all that.

How do I sign up?

Book a call below. Assuming you’re a good person and you’ve got the right expectations, we will ask you to submit payment and enroll on that call. You certainly don’t have to buy, though, if you’re not feeling it. We promise to treat you with respect and not use lame tactics or bully you into doing something you don’t want to do. If that sounds fair, select a day and time that works for you.