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OMG I’m Triggered: 21 Things That Annoy Me About This Space

Super Annoying Gurus

1. Pretty much every guru’s ad, ever.

2. Hearing something is “brand new” and “no one else is talking about it.”

3. Especially when it involves a “simple three-step system” or an “obscure trick” or some kind of “magical copy-paste solution.” If that’s your sales strategy, I might as well become a houseplant.

4. Having to surrender my email (and sometimes even my phone number) to access the “free training.”

5. Discovering the “free training” was actually a 90-minute webinar that taught zilch.

6. Feeling the heat from a ridiculous countdown timer to purchase something.

7. Enduring daily email spam (and occasional text messages) urging me to buy the thing that should’ve expired when the timer hit zero.

8. Super douchey “look at my Lambo and mansion” marketing tactics.

9. Pitches that focus on selling fantasies and barely touch on the actual business.

10. Wild income claims, particularly when they suggest minimal effort and speedy results.

11. Business models involving any of the following: inventory, customer support, recruiting, high-pressure selling, platforms quick to ban like Amazon and Audible and Walmart, huge overhead, cutthroat competition, or shelling out for ads.

12. Settling for Facebook group screenshot testimonials instead of filming genuine case studies, which offer far more value.

13. Retargeting ads that haunt my every online move.

14. Mentors who haven’t practiced what they preach in ages.

15. Those same mentors who clearly devote their entire day to promoting their course and cooking up the next cringeworthy ad.

16. Being asked to schedule a call without knowing the price tag first.

17. Not having guaranteed results.

18. Facing upsells once I’m enrolled in the program.

19. Joining and realizing the training’s ancient history.

20. Lacking the support and accountability I was promised.

21. Feeling like a walking ATM instead of a human being.

Okay, so I just had a cathartic verbal vomit session, and you were the perfect audience. Thanks for being my puke bag. Oh, and if you were nodding your head in agreement, this is a breath of fresh air:



P.S. – Don’t forget how you landed here. It was a Google search, wasn’t it? (You bet your sweet bippy it was!) Keep that in mind as you enjoy this gripping video from my mentor.