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Rick Thumbs Up

Rick Pino has a system his students are using to make an extra $5,000 to $10,000 per month with digital products.

All from the comfort of their own home. Even if they’ve never had any prior experience. 

You can do this too, Rick promises. You can make money while you sleep. While you’re on vacation. While you’re working out. While you’re spending quality time with your family. 

Read on for my Digital Product Academy review.

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EAS Mini Mentorship

Brett Fallarino calls himself Lord Ecom. He made $43,000 in the last 49 days with a new Shopify store.

Most dropshipping advice is either fluff or misinformation, Brett says. It’s a waste of time and money to listen to it. 

You need to learn from someone who has actually made money drop shipping. Like him. That’s why he created the Ecommerce Ad Secrets Mini Mentorship program.

Cost is $27 per month or $127 per year.

Keep reading for my EAS review.

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Fundraising Matrix

This dude says there’s 75 million companies for sale in the USA. About $10 trillion in equity up for grabs.

I just hope one of his shirt buttons doesn’t pop off and shatter a window. 

Their warm network has access to hundreds of millions in financing. They’ve got 10+ different courses and coaching programs teaching acquisitions. And over 350 deals completed. 

Imagine if buying a business was as easy as downloading an app and checking notifications. 

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Jesus, Alex Temiz, turn down your shirt. I can’t hear what you’re saying. Something about how even complete beginners can make reliable income trading just an hour a day. Courtesy of his MIC Process.

It’s different than anything you’re familiar with because it makes returns of up to 17% in a single day. Even with small accounts. By trading with the big institutional money that moves the markets. Think hedge funds and investment banks.

My review is below.

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7Figure Cleaners

Cristobal Mondragon wants to know if you’ve got plans for the next 10 days. If not, you could spend it learning the exact steps he and his business partner, Dalton Ousley, used to grow their cleaning company to a 6-figure run rate in record time.

Instead of spending countless hours watching YouTube videos, trying to fill in the gaps and find the answers to your questions, their 10 Day Cleaning Company course cuts right to the chase. 

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Unitrust Solutions

Larry Weil went from a job creator to a wealth creator without investing thousands in upfront capital or being stuck in endless meetings, all from the comfort of home.

Now he wants to teach you how to build financial freedom without being a corporate prisoner. 

Larry’s been through corrections and crashes and not only survived but thrived. Today he’s a multi-millionaire. 

Read on for my Lawrence Weil review.

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Ryan and Janine Mix help Kingdom entrepreneurs prosper. (Name-dropping God is so in right now.)

They went from $120k in debt to $15 million in real estate. Without cutting up credit cards, clipping coupons or skipping Starbucks.

Bravo! Are they waiting for a sweet treat in return? Or what’s this gotta do with you?

You’re about to find out.

Read on for my Real Estate Freedom Summit review.

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Ravi Visits Bahamas

Ravi Abuvala loads his calendar with hundreds of ready-to-buy appointments every single month. Without hiring an ad agency or cold calling or cold emailing or sending strangers messages on social media.

Unlimited Clients is a course that will show you how he does this. 

It’s 10+ hours of step-by-step instructions for flooding Calendly or OnceHub or whatever you’re using with new high-paying clients as early as this week.

Ravi looks dead inside. 

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Greg W Huebner

Greg Huebner has a favorite type of real estate to invest in, and it’s not even close. Self-storage units. 

Single and multifamily is great. That’s how Greg got started as an investor 20 years ago. But nothing compares to self-storage, he says.

Over the last three years, his self-storage portfolio has passively earned him an average of $45,000 per month. There’s very little management once set up. So not the case if you have tenants. 

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Washtenaw County

Danielle Mapes helps realtors build a deal-a-day pipeline without buying leads, doing open houses, calling FSBOs and expired listings, door knocking, or being the icky salesperson everyone hates.

In just 66 days of doing the right activities, you could be on track to net $100k, $200k, even $300k or more – all while working 1-2 hours less per day.

Read on for my review of The Real Estate Prescription.  

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Flip Medical Supplies

Felix Wisniewski says buying and reselling diabetic medical commodities is an actual thing you can make money with. 

He’s been doing it since 2015. His first year he did a little over $100k in revenue. It’s changed his life, given him financial freedom, allowed him to invest in real estate as well as other businesses.

It’s a simple stream of income that only requires a few hours per week of your time.  

Read on for my FMCU review.

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Zakk with two Ks Colburn is the face of PTBI: Personal Trainers Business Incubator. They’ll help you start and scale your online fitness coaching business to 20-30 paying clients or your money back.

Zakk is using the same pitch, almost word for word, as dozens of other gurus I’ve reviewed.

He must’ve left his originality lying by wherever he put his shirt.

Hey, if I have to suffer through his me-too messaging, so do you. Read on for my PTBI review. 

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Love Photography

Emily Smith is the founder of MLE Pictures, a million dollar wedding photography business. They’ve documented over 300 weddings. Everyone from adorable high school sweethearts to NBA superstars.

Emily can help you launch your own wedding photography side hustle, even if you have no money, experience, equipment, or portfolio. You can land a $10k shoot in 7 days and routinely make $20- to $50,000 per month, she claims.

Keep reading for my Wedding Photographer Accelerator Course review.

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Pink G Wagon

Oscar and Jesus are the dudes behind Drive Your Dream Car For Free. They went from having a Kia to owning a fleet of super cars that they actually get to use and enjoy. They started with no money and so can you. 

Whether it’s a Barbie G-Wagon or murdered out double-R or habanero-colored 720S, or something more subtle like a C8 Vette, you’ll be behind the wheel of it in no time, they say. But can you trust ’em?

Keep reading for my review.

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Nice Stuff For Mom

Trove Managed Commerce will help you effortlessly launch, manage and scale a print on demand store.

They’re based outta Miami, Florida.

Ah, Florida. The Sunshine State. Also where tweakers gnaw on the homeless and this one dude got eaten by an alligator while hiding from the cops and this other dude spent two days trapped in an unlocked closet before realizing he could just open the door and walk out, oh and someone falls off a theme park ride like every Wednesday. 

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