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Larry Weil Review (MarThom Consulting Inc)

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Larry Weil went from a job creator to a wealth creator without investing thousands in upfront capital or being stuck in endless meetings, all from the comfort of home.

Now he wants to teach you how to build financial freedom without being a corporate prisoner. 

Larry’s been through corrections and crashes and not only survived but thrived. Today he’s a multi-millionaire. 

Read on for my Lawrence Weil review.

Larry’s been married to his beautiful wife for 34 years. They have a wonderful son and two Golden Retrievers.

Larry played basketball in college, then a couple years of pro ball over in Europe. This was back in the ’80s. High socks, short shorts. He compensated for his lack of athleticism with his tenacity.

When an injury closed that chapter, Larry moved back to the States, got a Masters in Education, started teaching at an all-girls Catholic school in New Jersey, then coached basketball on the side.

Loved it, but it didn’t pay very well.

Larry had dreams, he had goals.

Time to pivot. He became a branch manager and investment banker/broker. Made more money but it was cutthroat and the company’s success and his success were not mutual.

So he did something about it.

Took out a home equity line of credit on his home and started a business. Grew it to 200 employees and revenues of $5- to $7 million a month.

He’s spoken in front of hundreds of people.

Now owns three houses: two in New Jersey and one in Florida.

Claims he’s worth about $3.5 million.

Jeez, Lar, someone’s been sipping the swagger juice.

And now he wants to hand you a glass.

Something about high-ticket membership-based franchising. Just like a Subway or a McDonald’s. It’s turnkey. Sorta like a business in a box.

But don’t worry, you won’t be selling lotions, potions and shakes.

Instead, you’ll be selling something everybody needs: electricity. Which is a subscription service. You’ll earn residual income every time a customer pays their bill.

Uh-oh. Are we veering into the heart of MLM territory?

And here I was really rooting for this guy.

MarThom Consulting Inc

Belinda was Larry’s VP when he had that 200-employee business. Worked for him for 11 years. He paid her 6-figures the entire time.

She had a nice home, comfortable lifestyle, but she wasn’t building wealth.

Larry recruited her into whatever this is and now she’s working less and enjoying residual income. Belinda is excited about the future.

Larry’s confident you can get five people into this business every single month, minimum, using their “system of growth.” From there, it will multiply. After all, this is a recession-proof industry and good news travels fast.

Larry even recruited his wife into this scheme. Mary Theresa is a real estate broker but now that she’s “seen the light,” well, she can’t unsee it now can she? Larry expects that within a year or two she’ll be making so much money with this, she’ll never have to sell a home again.

What you’re gonna get when you sign up under Larry:

  1. Launching Your Franchise Masterclass
  2. Fast-Track to Full-Time Income
  3. Millionaire Minds Course
  4. Private coaching and weekly Zoom calls
  5. A copy and paste system of growth
  6. Capping Debt and Increasing Cash Flow series
  7. Ongoing coaching and mentorship

A total value of $9,979 but you won’t have to pay that much. Larry wants you to book a call to discuss.

I can’t tell if it’s his company or not, but with each sentence, he was dimming my interest lights.

My opinion?

He should sell two of those houses and put that money away for retirement. He might need it.

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