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The Real Estate Prescription Review

Washtenaw County

Danielle Mapes helps realtors build a deal-a-day pipeline without buying leads, doing open houses, calling FSBOs and expired listings, door knocking, or being the icky salesperson everyone hates.

In just 66 days of doing the right activities, you could be on track to net $100k, $200k, even $300k or more – all while working 1-2 hours less per day.

Read on for my review of The Real Estate Prescription.  

You can have your cake and eat it too.

You can attend your kids’ recitals and sporting events. You can do date night once a week. You can have a spa day or a golf day on occasion. You can have balance and enjoy life outside of work.

It goes back to doing the right things when you’re at work.

Danielle’s whittled it down for ya.

Her qualifications?

She’s the former team leader of the largest real estate brokerage in Ann Arbor, Michigan; the founder, owner and lead listing specialist of The Hayden Group Real Estate Services, which achieved 300% growth year over year in team sales volume and gross commission income; and the CEO and founder of The Real Estate Prescription, where she’s coached and consulted for over 250 agents so far.

According to Danielle, your success is predicated on the following shifts.

Shift 1: work always comes last.

This forces you to be efficient. To eliminate strategies that aren’t working and replace them with ones that are. So you can make the most money in the least amount of time.

Shift 2: stop focusing on hot prospects.

When you obsess over right-now-business you miss the forest for the trees. Only 1-3% of people are ready to buy or sell a home at any given time. Hardly any of ’em will be repeat clients. Becoming relevant to the other 97-99% before they need you is the smarter approach.

Shift 3: use the secret weapon.

Have meaningful, intentional conversations that unearth and capture key data points. It’s the most powerful and streamlined way to build the business that brings you the most money, time and freedom. All while living your best life.


Shift 4: systematize everything.

Build simple, scalable systems for lead generation, follow up, sales and service. This allows you and your team to reach your max potential. Yes, they’re a pain to build, but a good system will serve you and your business for an entire career.

Shift 5: invest in coaching.

Each day wasted recreating the wheel is a commission check lost. And if you take off in the wrong direction, even if you’re somewhat successful, you can end up miles away from your ultimate goal. A good mentor won’t let that happen. They’ll keep you on track and hold you accountable.

On that note, here’s who The Real Estate Prescription coaching program is for:

  • Someone who wants to break through their personal ceiling of achievement.
  • Someone who’s open to having real conversations with real people.
  • Someone willing to lay the minimal proper groundwork to leave the daily grind behind.

If that’s you, Danielle asks that you book a call with her team.

She doesn’t mention pricing at all.

She ends by telling us about one of her students. Bob. Bob was depressed. Tapped out. Read to leave real estate altogether. But then he came across Danielle’s Deal A Day Pipeline presentation, enrolled, implemented these shifts, and built a $500k pipeline in 66 days.

Whether he was going to the store or riding his Harley or getting his mail, he was striking up conversations, filling his pipeline, future-proofing his business.

Should you join Bob and all the others on the inside?

Up to you but I’ve heard more groundbreaking revelations from a weather report.

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