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Conversion Conversations Review (Tanner Chidester)

Tanner Next Move

Tanner’s got so many offers it’s hard to keep up. Fitness CEOs, Online CEOs, there’s live events, masterminds, his Infinite Income book, and now Conversation Conversions. Poor Tanner spent $50k on coaches when he first got online, and two years later, he’d only made about two grand back. He was about to throw in the towel, loofah and AXE Body Wash. But thank God he didn’t, because, fast forward to today, and he’s an 8-figure earner with lots of form-fitting shirts.

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At least he admits, it’s all from coaching. Like he’s never built a business outside of helping other people build a business. Anyways, the game changer for him was when he “accidentally discovered” his own lead generation method “out of sheer desperation.” And that one simple pivot (something to do with going away from webinars) has made him more than $30 million and counting. He was even able to hire his two brothers, Benson and Gentry, because hashtag nepotism.

The three Chidesters and their virtual team of coaches have mentored thousands of other coaches in a variety of industries, but mostly the I coach coaches industry, I’m guessing. I love how he constantly bashes on all the other coaching programs he bought in the early days that didn’t work for him, but then expects us to believe his is somehow so much better that it’s gonna make you millions. But yeah, let’s hear about this little-known loophole you bumped into by complete accident.

“You have a scalable, sellable skill that is the backbone of your coaching business,” Tanner says, with his patented my-mouth-moves-faster-than-my-brain delivery. “You need to reach more people and do a repeatable method to turn them into clients. What I realized was, when I would get people on the phone, from Messenger, that’s when I started making sales. I sold $10k in the first week. I knew at that point I’d struck gold. Over the next three months, I quickly scaled to $50k a month of predictable income.”

Chidester Chick

Really, Tanner? That was your big breakthrough? Sending DMs, getting prospects on the phone, and selling them? And no other coach was doing or teaching this? You’re a genius! Tell us more! He didn’t need to build a fancy funnel or run risky ads or do any branding or even have the biggest following. Nope, these Conversion Conversations were soooo effective, he was able to pillage his incy-wincy audience, without any of that stuff, till he was making more than most doctors and lawyers.

Again, the irony is that he has and does all that stuff now. Why, if it’s not necessary? Like why’d I find out about this no-ads-necessary, totally organic strategy, from a—wait for it—friggin’ Facebook ad? That led to a fancy funnel and a shiny brand and a guy who’s manufactured a huge following? Why didn’t TC just slide into my DMs and extract $10,000 from me that way? What’s that, you say? Because it sucks? And it’s not scalable? And you just make stuff up to sell people what you wanna sell them? Got it.

Conversion Conversations used to cost $97. Now it’s technically “free.” But as soon as you cough up your contact information, Tanner tries to sell you his Elite360 Pro Plan, a $97-a-month software he probably white labeled from a real tech company that would offer better support if you just bought it from them. Call me a hater, but this guy’s full of crap. His secret sauce was pretending to be successful long enough for his audience to believe it. And now that they do, he is.

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