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Flipping Medical Commodities University Review

Flip Medical Supplies

Felix Wisniewski says buying and reselling diabetic medical commodities is an actual thing you can make money with. 

He’s been doing it since 2015. His first year he did a little over $100k in revenue. It’s changed his life, given him financial freedom, allowed him to invest in real estate as well as other businesses.

It’s a simple stream of income that only requires a few hours per week of your time.  

Read on for my FMCU review.

More than 30 million Americans are diabetic. The rest of us are on our way.

What Felix does is offer to pay cash for people’s diabetic testing supplies by advertising online and off. Leads call in, he closes them. Meets ’em at Starbucks or has ’em ship the supplies to him. Then flips ’em for double or triple what he paid.

Why would patients sell their Freestyle Lite Test Strips, for example? Monitoring their blood glucose is literally life or death. Don’t they need those?

Yes, but here’s the thing, Felix says. Their insurance covers way more than they’ll ever use. So they end up with all these extra boxes just sitting around collecting dust. And every time their prescription renews they get sent more.

So once you find a seller, they just keep coming back with more product for you.

On average, you can expect to buy a box for anywhere from $10 to $30 and then resell it for $50 to $70.

It’s a volume game. Y’ain’t gonna get rich off one box. But a seller might bring you five boxes a month for the next 10 years. As you get more sellers it starts to add up.

You could be doing $3- to $5k a month within 90 days, Felix says.

He’s currently making $10- to $12k a month, and has two of his childhood friends running the entire operation.

Who buys the supplies from you?

Felix kinda glosses over this part. Something about listing ’em on eBay but it can be a pain so he’ll give you a list of buyers once you join his program.

How do you get paid?

However you want but Felix prefers PayPal.


Why teach this and create more competition?

Felix doesn’t believe in competition. This business has been a blessing in his life. He made 6-figures with it at 21 years old. Used the cash flow for down payments on over a dozen rentals. Paid off his parent’s mortgage. The least he could do is share it with you.

And selling a course is easy money, let’s be honest.

What about saturation?

Remember, everyone’s pre-diabetic or diabetic these days, Felix says. And there’s very few resellers nationwide. And most people who see this won’t take action. So you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Do you need any experience or special skills or an LLC in order to do this?

Negative, Felix says. Anyone, anywhere, any background can do this. Over time, sure, if you wanna be more serious, you could set up a website, create a brand, form a real business, all that. But you certainly don’t have to.

What’s the hardest part about this?

That would have to be getting your first client, Felix admits. Because that’s your only barrier to entry. You can’t flip what you don’t have, right? So you have to find that first seller and buy their extras for the low-low. It can take a few days, a few weeks, a few months depending on your marketing and follow-through.

Flipping Medical Commodities University will show you how it’s done.

Cost is $347 plus a $99 fee for onboarding. Financing options are available.

I dig it. It’s not sexy, not super scalable, but it does sound doable.

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