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Greg Huebner Investments Review

Greg W Huebner

Greg Huebner has a favorite type of real estate to invest in, and it’s not even close. Self-storage units. 

Single and multifamily is great. That’s how Greg got started as an investor 20 years ago. But nothing compares to self-storage, he says.

Over the last three years, his self-storage portfolio has passively earned him an average of $45,000 per month. There’s very little management once set up. So not the case if you have tenants. 

Another big benefit: even in a bad economy, people still need storage. Sometimes even more so since they’re downsizing.

Why should you care?

Well, if you’re thinking about getting into real estate, or getting out because it sucks, Greg has a proprietary process for collecting tens of thousands of dollars a month from self-storage properties.

His qualifications?

Greg currently owns 320 self-storage units across three facilities. He’s building out another 200 units on top of that, projecting $65k per month in self-storage cash flow when it’s all said and done. Investors continue to give him capital due to the steady 14% year over year returns he averages for them.

Back to his process.

Pillar 1 is locating the self-storage unit deal.

The biggest mistake you can make is choosing a facility that’s overpriced. You have to find something that’s below market value, but how? Pick a place that needs renovations. This is critical, as it allows you to buy at a discount.

So go walk the property first. Yes, even if it’s thousands of miles away. Fly out! Identify items that need fixing not mentioned in the purchase agreement. Leverage this list during negotiations.

Also, create relationships with brokers, wholesalers and owners themselves across the nation. Keep a pulse on the market so you can quickly locate the best deals.

After you’ve located and purchased the deal, Pillar 2 is the rehab.

The second biggest mistake you can make is leaving the facility as is. Whereas, fresh paint, new signage and better branding will attract new customers and justify higher rates for your current customers.

Self Storage Near Me

Finally, you have Pillar 3: relaunching the self-storage units.

The third biggest mistake you can make is treating this like you would houses. It’s closer to a business. Market accordingly.

Death, dislocation, divorce, disaster. Those are the four main reasons someone would want a self-storage unit.

You can run Google Ads to speak directly to such prospects, ensuring profitability from day one and new customers consistently over time.

If Greg’s 3 Pillars make sense to you and you like the idea of investing in self-storage but simply don’t have the time, then he’s got a proposition for you.

For a limited time, you can become a silent investor with him.

Basically, he and his team will do everything mentioned above, you invest a minimum amount and collect a check every month.

Okay, but why even offer this, right?

Because self-storage deals are everywhere, Greg explains. And more capital means more units means more money for everyone involved.

Ethos Capital Ventures LLC is the name of Greg’s company. With two decades of experience and a value creation philosophy, they’re seeking strategic investments to outperform the competition. Thanks to their unique underwriting approach and business acumen, their investors consistently obtain outsized returns.

No word on minimum investment amount or how long till you get your first check or anything like that.

Greg wants you to book a call to find out the good stuff. If you like what you hear, he’ll add you to his investor list and notify you when a deal comes up and you can go from there.

Seems way more legit than those automated Amazon stores, that’s for sure.

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