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Acquisition Network Review

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This dude says there’s 75 million companies for sale in the USA. About $10 trillion in equity up for grabs.

I just hope one of his shirt buttons doesn’t pop off and shatter a window. 

Their warm network has access to hundreds of millions in financing. They’ve got 10+ different courses and coaching programs teaching acquisitions. And over 350 deals completed. 

Imagine if buying a business was as easy as downloading an app and checking notifications. 

Versus the old way where you’re making a bunch of cold calls and signing NDAs and going through brokers, getting nowhere fast.

Sounds about as fun as a sandpaper slide.

When you become a JV partner with the Acquisition Network, you can buy and resell 7-figure cash-flowing businesses almost automatically.

Their solution helps buyers, sellers and consultants. Everyone gets access to what they need through their user-friendly app. It’s a data storage and collaboration machine that streamlines the transactions of businesses.

Here’s a case study.

Blue Corn Beeswax was a small candle manufacturer out of Colorado doing $1.3 million in revenue, and about $250k in profit.

They acquired it for $1.4 million.

By moving to a bigger facility to ramp up production, diversifying income streams, and opening a wholesale private label channel that allowed them to sell into companies like Crate & Barrel, they increased revenue to $4 million.

You can team up with other buyers, leverage their financing team, and do the same. All in a matter of months.

Collect, say, a check for $10k every 30 days. Rinse, repeat.

Why not enjoy cash flow from 10 different businesses, without having to start from scratch, and without having to work “in” any of them?

That’s the dream this guy’s selling. And he believes their app and community and connections can make it a reality for you.

There’s always a sales guy in the CRM, sorting data and making calls on behalf of the network.

Just for reference, of the 20 deals they’re working on now, asking prices range from $750,000 to $7 million.

Bring them a deal and you won’t need cash.

Acquisitions Automation

This guy is clearly the tech brains because he has the personality of a brick wall. He should keep his talents behind the screen and let someone with a little more razzle-dazzle do the pitching.

He’s trying to sell every possible use case for this app to every type of prospect all at once.

And it’s just not landing.

But they do have an Acquisition Automation package for $50,000 if you’re interested. Invest into their team. Sit back, do nothing. They buy a company. You keep 20% plus cash flow.

Or you can resell any of their programs for a commission.

The Swiss Army Knife of apps, apparently. Can I find my next date on there too? My profile would read: likes In-N-Out, heavily medicated.

I always find honesty is the best policy.


The Acquisition Network combines four unique elements that this dude hasn’t seen anywhere in the market: a marketplace to post deals, a network where people can connect, an education center that sources courses from multiple M&A coaches, and a software solution so users can create tasks and share files and make calls.

Why should you care?

Because they’re hoping to get funded and if you get in now the opportunity will be massive. Because the founders are passionate about changing the way businesses are bought and sold. Because they want to provide affordable education to help the disenfranchised build wealth.

Probably a stellar dude, but I’m gonna need Siri to help me find my way back to clarity.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.