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Luke Darling is earning $40,000 a month with AI using what he calls the AIVA Trifecta. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to start or scale an online service-based business. 

Nobody’s talking about this, either.

Why, because Luke’s the one that developed it. And he’s only shown it to a small group of people so far. 

Over the past decade Luke’s been building a 7-figure marketing business in the real estate niche. 

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Elite Performance Coaching

Tyler J. Watson says almost $10 billion gets spent yearly on self-help, personal development, books brimming with platitudes. And almost no one who buys this crap ever gets any results. 

Tyler knows why. It’s ’cause they don’t address the whole body; they’re only focused on the mind. 

Most of the junk that keeps us stuck, he says, is from past pains and traumas stored in the body.

Oh boy, here we go. 

If his solution involves essential oils, humming, and foam rollers, I’m out. 

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Molly Subto

Pace Morby is now pimping his employees to sell you courses. Meet Molly Tennant, Pace’s so-called transaction coordinator. He pays her six figures a year to oversee all of his real estate deals. She gets to work remotely and enjoy a flexible schedule.

In a twist no one saw coming, Molly and Pace are now peddling the dreamy life of a transaction coordinator for one easy payment of $997. Or $2,497 if you take the upsell. 

Read on for my Top Tier Transaction Coordinator CatalystX review.

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Thinking Into Results

Chris Patterson owns Interchanges.com. They help companies make more money and have more fun along the way. They’ve generated $1.6 billion for their clients. 

Chris also runs Live Large Coaching, Quantum Leap Mindset, and Thinking Into Results. These are programs designed to turn struggling 6-figure entrepreneurs into 7-figure powerhouses.

My first impression of Chris? Jim Rohn with a gym membership.

But he’s had his picture taken with Grant Cardone, Ed Mylett, Michael Chandler, and 50 Cent, so he must be legit, right?

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Fit Biz Mastermind

Erin Dimond claims she has a 7-figure online fitness coaching company called Transform 4Ever Systems that she runs with her husband Jordan Dugger.

I literally can’t find it online. Weird. Also weird: why didn’t she take Jordan’s last name?

And speaking of names, Erin Dimond? Jordan Duggar? Sounds like they should both be spray tanned, wearing red, white, and blue singlets, competing in events like Joust and Atlasphere, high-fiving Gemini and Laser after doling out concussions to stay at home moms who used to run track in high school and former D2 walk-on college football players.

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The FPC Experience

Doctors: according to Dr. Charles Webb, 25% of private practices threw in the towel in the last three years. Will you add to that statistic? Or design a Freedom Practice that runs smoothly without you, creates substantial wealth, and makes a positive difference in your patients’ lives?

Charles and his wife, Mindi, have helped over 800 other doctors do the latter since launching their Freedom Practice Coaching program 11 years ago.

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Fleet Mentorship

Jose Moreno went from struggling to financial freedom renting his car out. You can too. Even if you’ve got no experience, no cars, and no credit. 

Jose grew his operation to a 52-car fleet that now brings in over 6-figures a year in income.

Maybe you just want a way to afford your dream car. Maybe you want a side hustle. Or maybe you wanna scale and make job-replacing income like Jose. Whatever your goal, renting out cars can help you achieve it.

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MLM Luke Kish

Luke Kish was a top earner in an MLM company called Vemma until the FTC shut it down for being a pyramid scheme. He must’ve learned a thing or two about sales while preying on all those college kids he enrolled into his downline because his new project is called High Ticket Fitness Closers.

It’s the easiest way to make $100k or more in online fitness, he says. No creating content, no clients – just be a phone closer for other high dollar fitness programs.

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Tai Shooting Hoops

Now that Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr ran Retail Ecommerce Ventures into the ground, through the topsoil, the subsoil, layer after layer of clay and bedrock, deeper and deeper until it popped out the other side of the Earth, I think they need money.

According to the New York Post, REV is about $200 million in debt, burning through cash, no longer paying investors back, and facing several lawsuits.

The last couple years Tai and Alex had all but vanished from the internet but now they’re both back promoting biz opps. Coincidence? Or Hail Mary? 

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The Blessed Entrepreneur

Billy Sticker built a successful chiropractor marketing agency called ChiroCandy. Now he’s teamed up with Nick and Megan Unsworth to bring you Agency On Fire Coaching: launch your own digital marketing agency and start getting clients within 60 days, guaranteed.

Who haven’t the Unsworths partnered with? What biz opp haven’t they sold? What’s next: Dumpster Diving On Fire followed by Babysitting On Fire followed by Ponzi Scheme On Fire? 

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Defying Gravity Inc

Cynthia Garcia has perfect hair and perfect eyes and perfect lips and perfect makeup and is always dressed perfectly even when she’s just lounging in her perfect home. 

She has the perfect rags to riches story, too: from no running water to running an eight-figure business.

She wants you to pay her a ton of money so she can “certify you” as a life coach.

But if you’re not perfect, like her, what are your chances of making a living as a life coach? 

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Matt Leitz Stage

Matt Leitz says you can use “hybrid AI” to get leads and create new income streams. Whether you already have a business or you’re looking for something new, you can make money with this within 24 hours even if you have no product and you’re not techie. 

General artificial intelligence has been around for years. You’ve used it. You just don’t know it. Google and Amazon and Apple and Netflix have made sure of that. 

But once OpenAI released ChatGPT, now AI is on everyone’s radar. 

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Kris Thomas Nashville

Kris Thomas tried traditional real estate investing and hated it, so she switched to land. Every month she flips plots of dirt for an average net profit of about $35k per deal.

So stick that on the fridge and marvel at it, Pace Morby.

Kris has been doing this consistently for five years from the comfort of her home. She never visits any of the properties.

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Rob and Melissa Stephenson find treasure from trash and help others do the same. Yep. Turn your hobby of visiting thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets into a profitable reselling business in as little as seven days.

Rob sounds strained. Like a woman pushing out a baby. Or a pill popper trying to get unconstipated. Like his words are trapped by a kink in the hose so he talks way harder than normal to force them through.

Seriously, why’s he doing that? Is that his “sales” voice?

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Shane and Jocelyn Sams are the couplepreneur behind Flipped Lifestyle. They have two kids and they’re a real family making real money online. 

All you need is 100 people paying you $50 per month and you’re at $5k a month, Shane says. That’s $60k a year. Double it and you’re doing $120k a year. It’s not as hard as you’d think.

Shane and Jocelyn have built several million dollar membership sites over the years. 

Read on for my Flipped Lifestyle review.

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