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AI Face With Glasses

Joe, which may or may not be his real name, on a page that looks eerily similar to that of The Craigslist Middleman course I reviewed a while back, says this is the ultimate side hustle. Something to do with artificial intelligence which has made him over $250k in just the last six months.

Joe was able to quit his job at Five Guys because of this. I feel like every Five Guys order should come with 20 mg of Lipitor, don’t you?

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Scott By A Tree

Scott McKenzie was wearing a black polo and green apron, handing vanilla lattes and egg white bites to housewives whose foreheads didn’t move when he discovered a $362 billion dollar industry that no one was even talking about.

Next thing ya know he was handing in his apron and starting his own business. It grew and grew and soon he was making $33,000 a week working just four hours. 

Okay, Tim Ferriss, so what is it? 

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Next Level Memory

John Graham is a two-time USA Memory Champion, Grandmaster of Memory and peak mental performance coach. Whoever sat to the right of him in school probably got some undeserved As.

He just came out with a Flow State Accelerator for entrepreneurs. 

What’s included? What’s it cost? And can it work for someone like me who can’t even remember where I parked half the time?

I’ll try to answer all that and more in my review below.

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Kayvon Kay Bentley

Kayvon Kay has a briefcase and a Bentley and it looks as though he’s about to hop on the old PJ. Or maybe those things are all props. Maybe he just wanted to show his followers: I’m kind of a big deal. Maybe Kayvon Kay isn’t even his real name. It does have a nice ring to it. Too nice? 

At Kayvon.ai he promises sales closers he can make ’em an extra $10k to $25k a month in 30 days or less leveraging the power of connection and artificial intelligence.

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Aubrey Janik gets it. It costs more and more to buy stuff. Banks are failing. Jobs are up in the air. It’s tough times ahead. 

Why not make some extra money on Turo? That’s what she did. One day she decided to list her car, saw the money it brought in and became obsessed.

Today she’s got an 18-vehicle fleet that makes her more than six figures a year. 

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California Board Of Accountancy

Steve Crisler is a CPA and the creator of Bookkeeping Life, where he helps others start and grow their own virtual bookkeeping business. 

Unlike most courses that charge a one-time fee, Bookkeeping Life is a subscription that costs either $49 a month or $499 if you wanna pay a year at a time and save yourself 15%. 

Is it legit? Worth investing in? Read on for my review.

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Igor Empty Street

Igor Kheifets has a fake podcast episode where he reveals how he went from working a toxic job, living in a dump, to making millions of dollars online using nothing but his laptop and an internet connection.

All it is is a sales pitch for his List Building Lifestyle course, which is how he really makes his millions.

No, it’s not from e-farming, like he wants you to believe.

Read on for my Virtual Money Masters review.

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Dane Ripped Jeans

Dane McBeth is just dripping in emo. He’s got an almost passive way to make money online. And it only takes a grade 5 skill set. 

Dane calls it passive publishing.

He made $1,000 in his first 30 days doing it; $10,000 in his third month; and got all the way up to $20,000 per month in his first year.

Read on for my Publisher Supremacy review.

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Anthony Del Rio smokes and wears sunglasses inside and owns an old-looking Lambo, so he must know things, right?

He says he’s made enough money in ecom to retire, but of course he hasn’t because he’s passionate about helping others via his Steady Ecom coaching program.

And that’s where you come in. He’ll show ya how to earn more while working less. 

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Terrance McMahon Chat GPT

Terrance McMahon is hosting a live event (attend in person or via Zoom) to help you learn, leverage and launch ChatGPT in two days.

Terrance went from financial advisor to author to viral TikTok mentor to podcast host to app founder to now AI expert.

Find hot trend, position yourself as an expert, sell stuff, find new trend and repeat, right?

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Sean Terry has been wholesaling houses since 2003. He survived the ’08 crash, the pandemic, and now here we are again in the midst of another real estate market collapse.

Sean ain’t scared, homie. He’s still doing deals nationwide, 100% virtual. 

He’s getting leads for less than $100 a pop.

Sees no reason you can’t do it too.

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Ben Whitmer has the unlock for endless Amazon FBA profits. He went from zero to $5 million on Amazon.

Never built a brand, never touched a product, never ran an ad.

So what’d he do? He partnered up with giants like Nike, Dove, and Lululemon, and sold their products. 

And so can you. This is your chance to finally earn an online income, Ben says.

But can you trust him?

Read on for my Pro AMZ Academy review. 

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The Tentmaker Challenge

Derek Dunn’s here to help you launch and scale your six figure Kingdom business. 

He’s been in ministry for 30 years. On the side, he and his wife have launched multiple six figure businesses, allowing them to give back to the church.

But money and God don’t go together, you might be thinking. Or maybe you’re worried this is some kinda scam. Or get rich quick scheme.

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Gratitude In Hawaii

This dude says they’ve made millions selling everyday items on Amazon. And so can you.

Here’s how it works. 

They go to regular stores, head straight to the clearance rack and start scanning products with their Amazon seller app. It’ll tell ’em how much profit (if any) they could make reselling each item on Amazon.

Okay, then what?

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Open Spaces Capital

Palak Shah quit her job as a mechanical engineer to spend more time with her kids. Then she decided to invest in real estate. She turned $25k into a $5 million dollar portfolio in less than three years.

She runs Open Spaces Women with her partner Niti Jamdar. They teach a supercharged BRRRR strategy for scaling your rental portfolio quickly.

Read on for my review of The Portfolio Program.

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