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AI Side Hustle Review (“Joe”)

AI Face With Glasses

Joe, which may or may not be his real name, on a page that looks eerily similar to that of The Craigslist Middleman course I reviewed a while back, says this is the ultimate side hustle. Something to do with artificial intelligence which has made him over $250k in just the last six months.

Joe was able to quit his job at Five Guys because of this. I feel like every Five Guys order should come with 20 mg of Lipitor, don’t you?

Joe’s mom used this A.I. side hustle to retire in her 40s; his brother paid off his student loans with it.

It’s something you can do, too, as soon as today. Worried AI is over your head? Don’t be. Joe designed his strategy so that even a 10-year-old with a laptop could do it. And it won’t take much time or effort. In fact, Joe calls it “lazy certified.”

Also, you’re early. Only Joe and his family and a handful of other people are doing this.

There’s just two components: AI and Upwork.

AI, Joe explains, is just a computer system that replaces the tasks a human would normally do. This removes the need for labor or any money out of pocket. You just tell it what you want done and sit back and relax while AI does it.

Upwork is basically a marketplace for work. Jobs are listed, regular people like you can go on there and offer to do them.

Can you see where this is going? You’re gonna bid on jobs, have artificial intelligence fulfill, and whatever you’re paid is pure profit.

What type-a jobs though, right?

  • Website building
  • Voice-overs
  • Logo, t-shirt and label design
  • Copywriting
  • And many more

You might spend days or weeks doing each of those yourself, but AI can do them in mere minutes. And most of the AI tools, such as ChatGPT, can be used for free.

Joe gets gigs by messaging 10-20 people on Upwork who have posted suitable jobs and then using his proven closing strategy to get them to go with him over other interested freelancers.

AI Girl Laptop

Most of the time he doesn’t even have to talk to these people on the phone. He just chats his way to:

  • $300 logo designs
  • $500 t-shirt designs
  • $3,000 website builds
  • $700 copywriting jobs

And remember:

Zero startup costs, zero expenses, minimal time spent on fulfillment. You basically type instructions into the AI tool, hit enter, and forward the final product onto the client.

“The best part is,” Joe says, “since you have AI, it’s like having hundreds of thousands of designers working for you for free. What separates you from other designers is they can only take on a small amount of work, whereas you can take on hundreds of jobs a month.”

“You can also undercut any competitors’ prices since you have essentially zero labor and time involved,” he points out.

Imagine you do just a few $500 or $1,000 jobs a month. Now your rent’s paid. You do another one. Now groceries are covered. You keep going. Soon your job becomes optional.

Joe claims his average AI Side Hustle Complete Blueprint student is clearing $4,500 to $7,500 a month.

Inside his course he shows you everything and guides you by the hand to land your first job.

He’s only taking 10 students a month.

Cost is normally $447 but it’s $400 off: so just $47 if you order today.

Only one spot left.

Sure thing, Joe. And I have an invisible friend named Bob.

Last thing I’ll leave ya with:

This one dude commented on Joe’s ad, bringing up a good point.

“You’re telling people on Upwork you’re a graphic artist just to have AI make something up for them,” he wrote. “It borders on finessing but if you don’t care about that you can be profitable.”

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