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The Craigslist Middleman Review


This side hustle makes you 6-figures or you don’t pay a penny. It’s called The Craigslist Middleman. And it’s so simple even a 10 year old with a laptop could do it. “But you’ve probably never heard of it,” says the guy in the overview video. “That’s because it’s the latest strategy in the market, and almost no one is doing this. That means that there is no saturation and this opportunity shouldn’t be taken for granted. Let’s unveil the curtain, shall we?”

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“All I used to make $125,550 last year was just three applications,” the guy continues. “Fiverr, Craigslist and PayPal. These three applications in combination made me 6-figures. To give you more of a perspective, they actually made me $4,500 just last week; all while I went along with my busy schedule: going to university, going to my job, and didn’t take any time outta my day—I just facilitated a few design deals by being the middleman. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense shortly.”

So Fiverr’s a marketplace full of remote gig workers. People all over the world, who’ll do almost anything for you, starting at $5. Websites, apps, logos, you name it. There’s some tremendous talent on there, believe it or not, and they turn out projects rather quickly. And the ones overseas don’t charge much because the exchange rate’s so favorable. You see where he’s going with this. You could sell, for example, a 10-page website design, say for $2,000; and have someone on Fiverr do it for like $200.

You’re taking home around 90% profit margins. But where do you get customers, right? This is where Craigslist comes in. I guess it’s not just for pedos. You can also post services locally. Homie apparently ran ads on Craigslist—in cities he doesn’t even live in—and his phone started ringing off the hook. By advertising in 20+ major cities, you get like 20 times the eyeballs on your offers, right? Then the people in those cities who want a new website or a logo design will hit you up.

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“Once I have a client, I close them at thousands of dollars,” dude explains. “And once I have the money in my account from my customers, I go to Fiverr and purchase the order for $50 to $100. And they literally do all the labor for the design job. While the designer on Fiverr is doing all the work, I attend classes, go for a workout, enjoy my week, do my current job, or whatever else. And finally, when the designer delivers the project to me on Fiverr, I send it over to my client. This is why it’s called The Craigslist Middleman.”

“Pretty cool, right? And the great thing is, is that you have access to multiple designers. So you could stack dozens of jobs. There’s no cap to how much you can make since you have unlimited labor you can outsource to. What I want you to understand is, one, there are hundreds of thousands of people looking for websites and logos and other digital services on Craigslist. And two, unlike other things, this is low risk and high reward. So there’s nothing that’s holding you back with this. And literally nobody is doing this.”

Mr. Middleman says he barely spends 15 minutes a day running this ultimate side hustle. If you’d like to get his exact strategy, ad templates, posting strategy, closing scripts, a list of his top designers on Fiverr, pricing tips, and the formula for scaling up and making the big bucks? He’s got just the thing for you: The Complete Craigslist Middleman Strategy Blueprint. Cost is just $29.95. Comes with a money back guarantee. But hurry, there’s only two spots left. (Riiight.) I’m guessing there’s upsells. Hard pass for me.

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