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Optimize Your Mind Review (John Graham)

Next Level Memory

John Graham is a two-time USA Memory Champion, Grandmaster of Memory and peak mental performance coach. Whoever sat to the right of him in school probably got some undeserved As.

He just came out with a Flow State Accelerator for entrepreneurs. 

What’s included? What’s it cost? And can it work for someone like me who can’t even remember where I parked half the time?

I’ll try to answer all that and more in my review below.

Contrary to what you’ve been told, you can have peak focus and productivity to have your best income months ever…

And you can do so without:

  • Waking up at 5 a.m.
  • Morning routines
  • Meditating
  • Cold showers
  • Supplements or nootropics
  • Journaling
  • To-do lists and planners
  • Timers, blockers and apps

John has already helped over 600 ambitious entrepreneurs just like you to end their overwhelm, get more done and make more money, all while working less. Imagine doing in a week what used to take you an entire month. Your income doubles then triples. No Adderall addiction or LSD microdosing necessary.

No matter how scatterbrained you’re feeling, John can whip you into shape, mentally, in less than 90 days. I guess it’s like a summer shred program for your big fat brain.

  • Tap into your flow state
  • Stay disciplined all day long
  • Streamline your business
  • Achieve more, do less
  • Be fully present outside of work

These are just some of the advantages of working with Mr. USA Memory Champion. His students reportedly have a 96% success rate in achieving their most productive months ever.

Take Stacey, for example. Owned two businesses, was working well over 60 hours a week, up to her eyeballs in credit card debt, barely scraping by. Within three months of enrolling in John’s course she had 6x’d her sales. Now she’s giving talks at Fortune 500 companies and even has time to unwind every day at yoga class.

Or Lauren Fay, an empowerment coach and energy healer who, before finding John was suffering from anxiety and mental paralysis. Her brain was foggy, she would often freeze in fear. Two weeks after signing up she had a new lease on life. She revamped her coaching program and is excited about the future.

USA Memory Champion

Then there’s Trinh who had grown up in poverty in Vietnam. John gave her mind a makeover to where she could focus deeply for hours and access her natural state of flow at will. A few months later Trinh had become the Vietnam Memory Champion. She now performs mental feats regularly in front of 20 million people on a hit TV show and earns more moolah than she could’ve ever imagined.

Good for them, right?

You’re over there feeling stuck and stressed and you don’t know what to do next in business, and even if ya did where would ya find the time? Well, ya gotta remember, John says, that’s exactly where Stacey and Lauren Fay and Trinh were at when they took the plunge.

“And with my help they were able to achieve peak focus, productivity, and transform their lives and income in less time,” he adds. “And that’s why I’m so confident this can work for you, too.”

John avoids the question of “how much” like it’s a public toilet seat, so you’ll have to book a call to find out.

Assuming it’s reasonable, would I buy Optimize Your Mind?

Hmm. If his achievements weren’t so remarkable, I’d classify this as a bit too mystical for my taste. But, given that he’s outclassed the nation’s sharpest minds in memorization, he must be onto something. And since my brain resembles a Target sack full of damp coffee grounds, maybe I’m the one who stands to benefit the most.

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