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The Coach Launch Review

Alive And Free

Spencer and Sammi Robbins are living in a rom-com. They’re utterly smitten with each other, their pooch Mosley – and let’s not overlook, Jesus! Four years ago, they established Alive & Free Consulting to assist women in emotional healing through coaching and online courses. Now, with a team of 40+ members and serving men as well, they’ve recently expanded with a sister company named The Coach Launch. There, they’ll teach you how to rake in an additional $3k to $8k monthly through a faith-based coaching business.

It’s true. Even without any prior experience in counseling or business, you can emulate what Spencer and Sammi have achieved and earn an extra $20k to $100k annually. But why start a business? Spencer points out that almost everyone in scripture owns their own business. Plus, you need more money. Inflation is devaluing each dollar, job security is waning, and food and real estate prices are soaring. The average American’s savings account is staring back at them with crippling sadness. You wanna enjoy vacations and contribute to your church, but you’re just scraping by.

Why not seize control, establish a bulletproof income stream, and enjoy greater freedom, flexibility, and satisfaction in the process? After all, entrepreneurship allows you to make choices and collaborate with God to make the impact you desire on this planet. (Awww, that’s so sweet, it could give a unicorn diabetes.) Anyways, Spencer was in your shoes not too long ago – wearing a tie, working in a cubicle, returning to a one-bedroom apartment, living paycheck to paycheck, and questioning the purpose of it all.

Sammi, conversely, was a personal trainer. Things were going reasonably well for her, but she wasn’t passionate about it. Then, one day, a client asked if she could pay Sammi for a “couch session” to discuss her emotions and other concerns. It was a little weird, but Sammi eventually decided, “Why not?” Well, that single $80 session evolved into a full-fledged company that has now coached over 5,000 Christians, generating multiple seven figures in annual revenue. So let that percolate in your mind!

End Bad Relationship Cycles

“I would have never dreamed we could help so many people step into freedom, strengthen their marriages, and reconnect with God,” Spencer says. “And then… getting paid for it. I never dreamt we’d be able to move to Hawaii, buy our dream home, and get to have a team of over 40 employees. And listen, we’re two boring nobodies that aren’t that cool, alright? Yet, we were able to do this. And now we have a podcast with over 200,000 downloads. We get to reach so many people with a message we feel God has put on our hearts.”

But back to you – and coaching. You can do this anywhere. All you need is a phone, laptop, and internet. You don’t need an office, a team, any equipment, inventory, or advertising. Nor do you need a college degree. You can leverage your own story, wisdom, and breakthroughs to radically change lives. How it works? You have a 50-minute call with each client on Zoom, where you help ’em identify areas they feel stuck. Ask questions, provide strategies to get them unstuck. Help them encounter God and step into identity and freedom. In return, they happily pay you for your time.

Spencer explains that you’ll attract clients using their Anti-Marketing Marketing Method (AMMM). Essentially, you’ll create a multi-channel messaging strategy to build an audience. By earning their trust and fostering a sense of reciprocity, you can present your valuable solution to their problems. With this approach, clients will practically sell themselves on your services. The Coach Launch Program will bridge the gaps, but they’re tight-lipped about the cost. My worry? With life coaches popping up like mushrooms after rain, it’s hard to justify steep fees unless your name is Tony Robbins.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.