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Home Care Agency Blueprint Review

Scott By A Tree

Scott McKenzie was wearing a black polo and green apron, handing vanilla lattes and egg white bites to housewives whose foreheads didn’t move when he discovered a $362 billion dollar industry that no one was even talking about.

Next thing ya know he was handing in his apron and starting his own business. It grew and grew and soon he was making $33,000 a week working just four hours. 

Okay, Tim Ferriss, so what is it? 

Well it has nothing to do with real estate, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, crypto, or anything else you’ve seen in your newsfeed lately.

Yet there’s 1.5 billion “customers” and that’s expected to triple over the next 10-20 years.

You could set everything up and be selling to them in the next 7 days. And they’ll pay you anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 per month. How crazy is that?

You don’t need to quit your job unless you want to. You don’t need any prior business experience.

Most important, you can have a positive impact on the world, doing something that’s special, that changes lives.

Scott finally reveals what it is:

Launching a “home care agency” where you connect the elderly with qualified caregivers.

Scott’s family had hired such an agency to provide around-the-clock care for his grandmother, and let’s just say they weren’t impressed. It was super expensive. The caregivers they assigned seemed unqualified and uninterested. They rarely showed up on time. And they never lasted long. They went through 12 of ’em in a two-year period.

Why couldn’t they find better staff? Weren’t there thousands of smart and compassionate nurses out there looking for work?

Scott figured there probably was. And they shouldn’t be too hard to find. And based on what this agency was charging his grandmother, there was plenty of profit to be had.

So he decided to give it a shot himself.

At the time he was still working at Starbucks, making $8.50 an hour, getting up at 4:30 every morning. Anything sounded better than that. Especially this.

Scott In Questionable Shorts

The home care agency his grandma had used collected $7,000 a month for the substandard care they were giving her. They had something like 140 clients. Do the math.

“I’m thinking, wow, how big of an impact can I have if I had my own agency and we really cared about providing quality care for seniors?” Scott remembers thinking.

So he committed to learning everything he could about the space. How the model works, how to hire caregivers and screen them properly, how to go do the in-home assessments, what paperwork needs done, contracts, the whole deal, right?

That led to Scott’s new company, Golden Age Companions.

He actually got his first client pulling up to Starbucks to collect his tips for the week. He had put his logo on his car. One of his regular customers noticed it, asked him about it, said that’s exactly what she needed for her mom. Scott went home, placed an ad online, found a caregiver, matched them up, and boom, he was off and running.

Of course, he undercharged. That first one only made him $1,500 a month profit, but hey, it was still more than he was making working full-time at Starbucks.

He put in his two weeks, doubled down, raised his prices, hired more help, figured out his marketing. There were ups and downs, sure, but he stuck with it and now it’s a million dollar business.

Scott’s in Orange County. He can teach you how to do this in your own city. Y’know, get the proper licenses, the insurance, the software and systems and processes and the right people in place. All that stuff.

Home Care Agency Blueprint has you covered.

Scott doesn’t say what it costs; he wants you on a sales call before he tells you.

Would I do it? Never. Too hard. You’re asking me to solve a Rubik’s Cube when I can hardly connect two LEGO pieces together.

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