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Pro Amazon Academy Review (Ben Whitmer)


Ben Whitmer has the unlock for endless Amazon FBA profits. He went from zero to $5 million on Amazon.

Never built a brand, never touched a product, never ran an ad.

So what’d he do? He partnered up with giants like Nike, Dove, and Lululemon, and sold their products. 

And so can you. This is your chance to finally earn an online income, Ben says.

But can you trust him?

Read on for my Pro AMZ Academy review. 

Ben started Amazon during the pandemic. He had just graduated high school, only had a few grand to his name.

Now he makes more than most MDs while traveling the world and gulping down his freedom.

It’s all thanks to a simple four-step process:

  1. Source
  2. Buy
  3. Sell
  4. Replenish

When done right, you can’t fail. You won’t waste your time or what little money you put in, according to Ben.

So pack your limiting beliefs in a suitcase and check it into the Lost & Never Found.

Ben’s student, James, did $25k his first month on Amazon.

Shloimy, whose parents deserve an award for that name, did $20k his first month working with Ben.

Drew was able to spend $8k on products because of the extra cash flow he now has.

But let’s talk strategy.

Ben recommends you start with online arbitrage.

For example, you buy 10 Playstation controllers from Best Buy, and flip ’em on Amazon.

  • Less capital required ($500 is plenty)
  • Low barrier to entry (no LLC needed)
  • You can stack cash fast

Then, once you have a bankroll and experience, you can switch to buying items in bulk from wholesale suppliers… which is more scalable.

Look for two things when picking products:

  1. Is the item profitable?
  2. Does it sell?

You can use an app to browse Amazon and spot winners. Then check to see if you can get those products cheaper somewhere else.

If so, the app will tell you the quantity you should buy.

You don’t wanna buy too much or too little. A two-week supply is the sweet spot, Ben says.

Ben Boxes

You’ll ship that two-week supply of product to a prep center.

They’ll package it up exactly how Amazon wants it and send it off to one of Amazon’s FBA warehouses.

When you make a sale, that warehouse will pick, pack, and ship the product straight to the customer.

But how’ll you get sales, right?

What you’ll do is, you’ll hop on an existing listing – already live on Amazon.com – for that product.

You’ll select FBA and choose a competitive price.

Amazon will then rotate sales between you and the other sellers on that listing.

Pretty cool, huh?

From here, keep a close eye on inventory. Restock when you get low. Add new products to the mix.

This is all Ben did to get to seven figures on Amazon, selling items like:

  • Depend adult diapers
  • Leatherman pocket knife
  • Etch A Sketch toy
  • And the list goes on

Imagine making $10,000 this year from adult diapers. And another $5,000 from a little knife. And $6,000 from a freakin’ Etch A Sketch.


But entirely possible.

If you have 10 hours a week and $500 to launch with, no reason you can’t follow in Ben’s footsteps.

Pro Amazon Academy is your roadmap. No nonsense. Just enjoyable, quick results.

Some negatives; at least, from where I’m sitting:

  • You have to get “ungated” in order to sell these brand name products.
  • There’s no guarantee you will.
  • It’s a lot of manual effort just to make a few bucks a sale in the beginning.
  • What’s to stop other sellers from jumping on your listings?
  • And if they do, isn’t it a race to zero?

I like Ben but not the model itself. Like… at all.

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