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Zero To App Review (Hooman Mardox)

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Hooman Mardox is an angel investor and app developer. After launching hundreds of apps for Android and iOS, and helping over 10,000 individuals around the world to build and grow their own successful apps, he’s come up with a very powerful framework that anybody can use to follow in their collective footsteps. And you can do it in seven days. But wait, wouldn’t you need to know how to code? Or pay a small fortune to someone who does?

“Not at all,” Hooman says. “You don’t need to learn anything complicated. You don’t need to know how to code or do any programming. You don’t need to get major funding. And you don’t need a lot of your own money. I know it sounds too good to be true, but I assure you, it’s not. One of my students was able to build his app for only $400. He then sold it for $730,000 to a large company. I know, it’s absolutely crazy. But I can show you how to get hundreds of thousands of users for your app as well.”

Hooman believes an app is the single best asset you could own. Think about the richest people in the world. Billionaires like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, etc. Many of them built their wealth with software. Nothing scales better. Build it once, sell it to millions or even billions of people. And consider the ROI. With Hooman’s Zero To App Academy, you’re able to put in the bare minimum amount of time, energy, and money, and build an app that can provide value to virtually unlimited people.

Most apps can be created for less than $500, Hooman claims. And some can even be built for free. Once your app is live, there’s over 10 different ways to earn money from it. You can charge people to use the app; you can offer them in-app purchases, subscriptions and upgrades; you can serve ads in your app; the list goes on. Hooman covers every possible monetization strategy in extreme detail inside his course. Remember, you’re building something that you can sell for big bucks down the road.

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“And as you do all of this,” Hooman explains, “you leverage automation. So it frees your time up and you can do what you want. If you wanna spend time with your family, you can do that. If you wanna travel the world like I did, you can do that as well. With apps, you’re basically doing multiple things at once, building multiple valuable things at once, that are gonna get you to where you want to be very very fast. To recap, you’re building an audience, you’re building a million dollar asset, an income source, and an automated business.”

“When you do all of these things at once,” he continues, “it just makes sense. This is why you should build an app as soon as possible. And then you can sell your app for six-, seven-, or even eight-figures in a very short time. In fact, we’ve had members who were able to build and publish their app and then sell it for multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of months. That on its own should be enough reason for you to get into the app market as soon as possible. Every day you procrastinate, it’s a day you could’ve had your app published.”

Hooman doesn’t mince words. Get in, get busy, get something in the Google Play and Apple App Stores asap, get to earning, and look to exit when the time is right. Zero To App Academy will walk you through his process, A to Z, for coming up with a winning app idea, outsourcing the creation of it, going live, marketing it, supporting your user base, turning those users into monthly recurring income, and looking for a buyer at some point if you so choose. He doesn’t say what the program costs but you can pay $1 for a strategy call with him to learn more.

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