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Trove Managed Commerce Review

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Trove Managed Commerce will help you effortlessly launch, manage and scale a print on demand store.

They’re based outta Miami, Florida.

Ah, Florida. The Sunshine State. Also where tweakers gnaw on the homeless and this one dude got eaten by an alligator while hiding from the cops and this other dude spent two days trapped in an unlocked closet before realizing he could just open the door and walk out, oh and someone falls off a theme park ride like every Wednesday. 

Floridians sure know how to make a headline.

But back to Trove Managed Commerce, a done-for-you print on demand ecommerce solution.

If you’re unfamiliar with print on demand, it’s an online business model that doesn’t require you to hold any inventory. Think t-shirts, coffee mugs, scented candles, etc., all with clever sayings on them. Only when an order is placed does the product get made and then shipped directly to the customer by a third party company.

  • No need to purchase inventory up front.
  • No warehousing costs.
  • No staff.
  • No risk of unsold items.

A great way to start a business for anyone who doesn’t come from money.

And Trove Managed Commerce makes it even easier. They handle everything for you. From creating and optimizing your store, to tackling product research, marketing, fulfillment, customer support, and everything in between.

They do it all so you don’t have to. And they’re good at it.

They’ve got over 15 years of industry experience and a proven track record of scaling print on demand websites. In fact, they took one client’s POD store from $35k in sales to $2.8 million in 24 months.

They’ve developed proprietary software that eliminates guesswork and streamlines each step of the process. Long story short, they know what to sell, when to sell it, and how.

Trove has cracked the code on understanding market trends and customer desires. They know the game like that crazy plane lady knew “that motherf*cker is not real.”

They’ve invested the time and sweat equity and brainpower to dominate the POD space.

Passive Online Business Ideas

But unlike other ecom automation services, Trove isn’t a middleman. They’re the actual manufacturers. So they can get ya the best pricing available for maximum profitability.

Okay but this only matters if sales are being made, right?

Well don’t you worry, Trove says. Effective marketing is what drives their success. They’ve mastered Facebook ads and Instagram ads and email drip campaigns, creating extraordinary returns for their clients.

One store just had a $31,000 day. Another, a $35k day. Another still, had done $186k in a week.

Damn, Trove. It must be jelly ’cause jam don’t shake like that.

Now let’s get to the good stuff.

How much does it cost to work with Trove? Their fee is $20,000.

What other expenses are there? Just ad spend far as I can tell.

Who owns the store? You do, 100%.

Do you have to chop the profits with Trove? Appears so, but they don’t say what the split would be.

How long does it take to get up and running? Roughly 8-10 weeks for branding, coming up with designs, optimizing your website, and so on.

Besides capital, what else will you need? An LLC, an active bank account, a PayPal account, you’ll hafta register for sales tax in your state – little things like that.

Other than that, it’s entirely passive? According to Trove, yes.

How much money can you expect to make? While they’re confident in their abilities, throwing out a random number would be irresponsible and illegal. Consider the aforementioned results to be your best case scenario.

If they have it all figured out, why offer this? It’s the most important question and yet they sidestepped it like Richard Sackler did accountability. And what was the deal with the smoke alarm?

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