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Benefits Of Selling Print On Demand Jewelry

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Low Hanging Ecom founder Rachel Rofe suggests adding custom jewelry to your Amazon and Etsy print on demand shops. Now, when you sell jewelry, it’s all about perceived value, right? The more expensive it looks, the more someone’ll pay for it. “Have you ever wondered why jewelry stores can charge such high prices for their products?” Rachel asks. “Well, part of the answer lies within the perceived value of the jewelry, whether it’s a sparkly diamond ring or a simple gold necklace.”

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“Jewelry is often seen as a luxurious and valuable item,” Rachel continues. “So, as a result, people are willing to pay more for it than they would for other types of products. This is one of the reasons why adding jewelry, such as print on demand necklaces or earrings, can really drive up the profit for your store. Plus, you can sell jewelry all year round. It’s evergreen. Birthdays, coworker gifts, retirement gifts, dog mom gifts, and more. All customizable, all can be sold throughout the entire year.”

“But it can also be a huge success during trending holidays, which are always a magical time of year. And people like to celebrate by giving personalized and beautiful gifts. For many, jewelry is the perfect way to show how much they care. And with print on demand earrings, for example, you can customize the products by adding initials to the earrings or maybe selling trending holiday patterns. Wearing Christmas-inspired jewelry can be a fun way to celebrate holiday festivities.”

“Next, jewelry can be incredibly versatile. With print on demand, you can create keepsake jewelry with someone’s favorite quote or best friend’s initials; it’s got lots of things you can do. In fact, personalizing can be a really amazing option you could offer to your Etsy shop, which could lead to return buyers. You could also offer funny bachelorette gifts that could make for some memorable party favors. Don’t forget, you can always increase your average order value by bundling different products together.”

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“So, as an example,” Rachel says, “you could do an earring set or earrings and a necklace. You could even sell three products together: earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. It’s not uncommon to see necklaces being sold for around $65 or more. So bundling two to three pieces together could sell for over $150 to $200. If you wanna get started selling jewelry online, check out my website at LowHangingMastermind.com. There, you’ll find earring mockups and other tips for succeeding with print on demand.”

Rachel’s also got an exclusive monthly membership where you can get professional mockups delivered straight to your inbox every 30 days. These’ll help you get more visits to your store and more sales. Also, she hooks you up with fun, semi-passive case studies—taken directly from some of her Low Hanging System students—that you can use for inspiration or even just replicate them yourself. That kinda sucks for those students though, huh? They share a win and get rewarded with more competition. But I digress.

Just remember, the glue that holds all this together is excellent customer service. Without it, good luck getting Amazon and Etsy to favor you in the search results, right? So you have to take care of people: be prompt, be courteous, show empathy, thank them for their purchases, include a coupon code for their next purchase, et cetera et cetera. Just go above and beyond. It’ll lead to more 5-star reviews, repeat customers, referrals, and thus rankings when someone’s searching for those things that you sell.

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