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Should You Start A Print On Demand Jewelry Biz?

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Devin Zander is the CEO of Skup.net, a company that teaches you how to make money with dropshipping. Their speciality is print on demand jewelry. While they believe it’s a great business model and they’ve proven that you can make a nice living doing it, they’ve identified some major mistakes that’ll hold you back. So if you’re thinking about starting your own POD jewelry business, you’ll wanna read this entire page very carefully.

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In Devin’s opinion, jewelry is the easiest way to dip your toes in ecommerce. But there’s a few things you gotta watch out for. One, make sure your text description of the jewelry piece isn’t too long and boring; and also, make sure the font’s not super small and hard to read. So make a first draft, get everything out that you wanna say about the New Mom necklace or whatever, and then trim and edit and trim and edit (and use a nice, big, easy-to-ready font) so it’s more ADHD-friendly.

Two, if you’re running Facebook ads to promote your jewelry dropshipping biz, you gotta be smarter about your creative. Again, it’s easy to use too much text in the ad; in which case, people will just scroll past it. But you could also choose the wrong product image. Like maybe it’s too small or too grainy or it’s not the right angle or the background could be better. Whatever. Point is, put some thought into it. Don’t just snag the first photo you find, throw some text in, hit Go, and think you’re gonna get rich.

Three, you gotta pick the right piece of jewelry. As obvious as it sounds, dad probably doesn’t want a heart bracelet, does he? And yet, POD beginners make this oversight all the time. They choose the wrong item, or at least try to market it to the wrong audience. It’s like pushing rope, right? Ain’t gonna happen. Why not just go with something that’s already selling well and out-market the competition? Wouldn’t that increase your odds of success?

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Four, again, assuming you’re running ads, is that your targeting’s wrong. “And this one’s pretty simple, but I see it time and time again,” Devin says. “But when you target on Facebook, remember to target whoever the necklace is from. We are selling gifts here, right? So you’re not selling it to the recipient. Like, if it’s a necklace to mom, from dad, you better target dad on Facebook. This is an easy slip of mind for a lot of people, especially if they’re used to selling traditional print on demand products.”

So say your first POD jewelry product is a necklace from dad (target buyer) to daughter (recipient). It’s pretty straightforward. On Facebook, when you’re creating your ad, you’ll wanna target males, living in the United States, who’re maybe thirty years or older (that way, their daughter’s old enough to appreciate the gift), who’re parents, obviously (kinda important, huh?). And that’s about it. Easy peasy, as long as you don’t goof and try to target teenage girls, right?

Last but not least, the sixth mistake that keeps jewelry dropshippers broke, is of course the wrong messaging in the ad. It’s the same thing as targeting, where you’re speaking to the recipient instead of the buyer of the gift, right? So watch out for that. Also, don’t make it about the jewelry itself. Speak to the gift giver and the problem you’re helping them solve. “Dear Dad, Valentine’s Day’s right around the corner. Here’s the perfect gift for your little princess.” And so on and so forth, make sense?

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