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BotBuilders Ultimate AI System Review

Matt Leitz Stage

Matt Leitz says you can use “hybrid AI” to get leads and create new income streams. Whether you already have a business or you’re looking for something new, you can make money with this within 24 hours even if you have no product and you’re not techie. 

General artificial intelligence has been around for years. You’ve used it. You just don’t know it. Google and Amazon and Apple and Netflix have made sure of that. 

But once OpenAI released ChatGPT, now AI is on everyone’s radar. 

First, some context.

ChatGPT is a chatbot. Text goes in, text comes out. The text that goes in is called a prompt. For example, what is a good pancake recipe? Or, please write me a poem in the voice of a pirate. Or, create a video script for 15 AI side hustles. Or you might paste in some text and say, can you summarize this for me in less than three sentences so a sixth grader could understand it?

You get the idea. All prompts. And as you can imagine, the better the prompt the better the result you’ll get back.

Matt’s prompt engineering tips:

  1. Be super clear.
  2. Use as few words as possible.
  3. Define parameters and limitations. Don’t just tell it what you want, also tell it what you don’t want.
  4. Provide examples.
  5. Don’t get too complex.
  6. Break up your prompts with punctuation. Colons, commas, periods.
  7. Bonus: say please and thank you. Couldn’t hurt. These things might run the world someday.

There are other cool AI tools that do other cool things.

Midjourney, for instance. With this one, text goes in, image comes out. Matt asked his adorable little daughter, Vivienne, what kinda art she wanted. “Kitty cat mermaid” was her answer. Midjourney whipped up exactly that – a cat that kinda looks like a mermaid – in a matter of seconds. The quality was just as good if not better than any stock photo you could buy.

What else?

There’s AI tools for audio and video and scheduling and presentations and research and automation and before long, probably just about anything you could imagine.

Matt And Wife On Horses

Matt built an AI Marketing Helper that can crank out ads and emails and articles for you. Just click a few buttons and give it some guidance.

He believes this is a bigger opportunity than the internet. It’s cheaper. Many of the tools can be used for free. It’s easier. There’s really no learning curve. And it’s everywhere. It works online and off and can integrate with websites, social media platforms, text messaging, you name it.

You can use it to automate tasks, save time, do research, create content, capture leads, follow-up with leads, streamline sales, support customers and clients, and so much more.

Now for the pitch.

Matt’s AI Powered Profits course will teach you what you need to know. He’ll even let you use his AI Marketing Helper and throw in his BotBuilders Core Bot which is being used by Grant Cardone. Any future bot trainings they roll out are yours as well. You’ll be added to the BotBuilders Community for support and networking.

How much does all that cost?

The BotBuilders Ultimate AI System is yours for $2,500. But you don’t need to pay it all at once. Put down $500 when you enroll and then toss Matt $500 a month for four additional months.

Can I be honest?

It feels like Matt just threw a buncha random stuff together that he’s worked on over the years. I’m not sure buying this would do anything other than overwhelm you. Sometimes less is more.

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