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Freedom Practice Coaching Review

The FPC Experience

Doctors: according to Dr. Charles Webb, 25% of private practices threw in the towel in the last three years. Will you add to that statistic? Or design a Freedom Practice that runs smoothly without you, creates substantial wealth, and makes a positive difference in your patients’ lives?

Charles and his wife, Mindi, have helped over 800 other doctors do the latter since launching their Freedom Practice Coaching program 11 years ago.

Most doctors are driven to be successful but they operate inside a bubble. They have no vantage or reference point for what it could mean to build an extraordinary practice and live an extraordinary life.

Stuck in a rigged system, unable to see outside of it, unaware of what’s possible.

Meanwhile, patients are getting sicker. And let’s be honest, so are doctors. They’re overworked and stressed and anxious and don’t have any time to decompress. It’s just: see patient, write script, see patient, write script, see patient, write script, drink enough wine to pass out, repeat.

The only ones winning here are big insurance and big pharma.

But you can change all that if ya want. You can redesign your practice into a masterpiece.

It starts with sitting down and dreaming again, Mindi says. What is that vision you have for your ideal practice, your ideal day? How much money do you wanna make? Which days are you working? From when to when? Outside of that, what are your non-negotiables? Workouts, date night, vacation for one week every other month, that kinda thing.

Paint the canvas. Create the exact image you want.

Now every time you make a decision, ask: is this supporting my vision?

Next, you have to develop a growth mindset. You have to think in a manner that makes you more productive instead of less. You can’t take your business further than you can take yourself, right?

After that, Charlie says, you’ll need to reinvent yourself as a “category of one” doctor. You don’t wanna be just another doctor that happens to be covered by a patient’s insurance. You wanna be the one.

Mindi Webb

Next, come up with a perfect patient avatar. Probably someone who’s not gonna cry about a $30 copay. Or duck responsibility. Or expect you to just write a script for any little thing. You deserve patients who wanna partner with you on their health and invest in themselves and do the hard work.

What else? Stop charging for services and start charging for value. Ask each patient what they’re trying to achieve, lay out the steps for how you’re gonna get ’em there, tell ’em how much that transformation’s gonna cost.

Speaking of which, reimagine the consultation. Create a family atmosphere (yes, even if you’re doing virtual appointments) and pre-educate and speak from the heart and set expectations and then take the damn payment. If they need to “think about it,” you’re not doing it right.

Now build your superstar team. Find A-players, share your vision with them, empower them to step up and become leaders within your organization. Make sure you’re leading by example. Extreme ownership. Do what you say you’re gonna do. Show up consistently and perform at your absolute best.

Finally, adopt and manage key performance indicators, or KPIs. Profitable, successful, sustainable businesses are run off of empirical evidence, off data. Charles and Mindi have a software you can use. Just plug in your numbers weekly, adjust and call audibles based off that.

And there you have it – a quick rundown of what you’ll learn inside Freedom Practice Coaching should you decide to join.

I’m sure the cost is up there but based on everything I just heard I think you’d be in good hands.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.