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SMMA 4.0 Review (Tai Lopez)

Tai Shooting Hoops

Now that Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr ran Retail Ecommerce Ventures into the ground, through the topsoil, the subsoil, layer after layer of clay and bedrock, deeper and deeper until it popped out the other side of the Earth, I think they need money.

According to the New York Post, REV is about $200 million in debt, burning through cash, no longer paying investors back, and facing several lawsuits.

The last couple years Tai and Alex had all but vanished from the internet but now they’re both back promoting biz opps. Coincidence? Or Hail Mary? 

I think we both know the answer to that.

The real question: are you catching what Tai’s throwing? Today it’s Social Media Marketing Agency 4.0, using AI tools to charge small business owners to manage their social media marketing.

Tomorrow it could be ecom or affiliate marketing or real estate or NFTs or crypto, but like my therapist says, let’s focus on the present.

So. SMMA 4.0. Whaddya need to know?

Well, when Tai launched SMMA 1.0 way back in 2016 circa the “Here In My Garage” days, he talked about how an agency satisfied his 10-10-10 Rule.

It’s something you could do for at least 10 years, it has the potential to make $10 million or more, and out of a scale of 0 to 100 it produces less than 10 units of brain damage. Meaning it’s simple and low stress and you can manage it in maybe an hour or two a day. Only Tai, right?

But yeah, all these years later, the SMMA model still holds up.

Here’s what it could look like:

I might decide to serve plastic surgeons, Tai riffs. And maybe I help them with email marketing and SMS. And I just go after plastic surgeons in Las Vegas. I just call ’em up, or if you’re too shy you can email ’em, and tell ’em, “I looked at your website. You’re doing something wrong. I can help you make more money.”

Say you do that to 50 cosmetic surgeons in Vegas, one of ’em’s bound to give ya the time of day, Tai says.

Tai With Headphones

And since a new patient could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to them, you can charge a lot. Maybe $3k a month. But then you give ’em a discount if they pay for a full year upfront, Tai says. Boom, $30k. Call it good.

Decent chunk-a-change, innit?

Then if you do a good job for ’em, guess what? They probably have a few cosmetic surgeon friends they could refer ya to. You could expand into cities all across the U.S. Hell, technically, you wouldn’t even have to stay within the U.S. – Canada, Australia, UK, doesn’t matter.

And plastic surgery is just one niche. And email and text message marketing is just one little service.

What about website design for dentists or Facebook ads for spa dealers or Instagram marketing for commercial landscape firms or SEO for HVAC companies or… you get the idea. Literally thousands of sub-niches you could go into.

Would you like to learn how to do all of this? From Tai, who considers himself the #1 social media marketing expert in the world? Especially the part about convincing businesses to pay you if you have no experience and no proof you can show them? And then figure out how to leverage artificial intelligence to get ’em better results, faster, with less effort?

Perfect. That’s what SMMA 4.0 is for.

Book a call to speak with Tai’s “right-hand guy” to learn more. No mention of price.


I’m all for this offer but will Tai be there for you when it counts? Or will he be off chasing rainbows? Or in court? Or worse, a white collar jail of some sort? You never know with that dude.

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