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13th Thesis Review (Tai Lopez)

Tai Looking Tired

Tai Lopez reminds me of that saying: You can take the girl out the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out the girl. Like he tries to leave the guru space and go build real businesses – farming and ecom and whatnot – but he always reverts back to what he knows best.

Which is selling you the good life, right? Health, wealth, love, happiness.

His latest offer – the 13th Thesis – is about finding the right long-term “mating partner.” Here’s what you need to know.

The biggest shock to Tai was meeting all these billionaires and finding out they still had horrible lives because they never figured out love, dating, romance.

They’re either all alone. Or they’re unhappily married. Or they’ve been divorced three times. Maybe they had kids with the wrong person. Or per-sons.

On the other hand, Tai’s met people who aren’t wealthy, but they managed to magically get this part right.

And their lives are better than anyone you idolize on social media.

One of Tai’s early mentors – a former Harvard professor, Dr. David Buss – told him, “Tai, everything is mating. Everything in this world revolves around making the right choice on who you have a long-term relationship (and potentially children) with.”

You can get a lot of stuff wrong, but you don’t wanna get this wrong.

So Tai’s been going deep on this topic for the last 10+ years.

And it’s probably the number one thing he gets asked: Tai, what’s your take on dating, romance, love, marriage, having kids?

Now, for the first time, he’s created a simple system to show you what’s what. Calls it the 13th Thesis. Why? Because there’s 13 things you need to know, gentlemen, before you toss your hot dog down her hallway.

Like, is she even the one? Maybe not. Maybe you should improve your physical attributes and move to a new city to find an even better mate. But what if you’re short? Broke? Wait, how should you be dressing? What if you’re super shy? Do opposites attract?

Tai With Zack Before He Died

Of all the courses Tai’s put out – and there have been a lot – he can’t think of a single one that’s more important than this.

“You will be blown away by this system,” Tai promises. “This’ll be one of the most powerful things you can study. I filmed it in a day. You can get through it in three or four hours. You should listen to it more than once. Then there’s bonuses, live calls. You can take this as far as you want.”

In typical Tai fashion, it’s only a “test group” at this point.

Which I’m pretty sure is code for: I threw this thing together just to see how much money it makes me. If enough of you buy it, maybe I’ll put some more effort into it and bump the price.

As of right now, cost is just $1 for the first three days. If you’re feeling it, then it’s either $7 a month or $59 a year. Cancel anytime. You’re protected by a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

Shocker: there’s a one time offer on the checkout page.

Yep, for an extra $59, you can snag Tai’s Global Dating Guide. It’s a mini course that’ll reveal the best cities and countries to find romantic partners. You know, in case you’re too lazy to Google it.

Once you’re inside, I bet there’s plenty more upsells where that came from.

I’ll leave ya with this.

The most absurd thing in Tai’s pitch? He hints that one of the 13 theses will reveal the secret to why Leonardo DiCaprio gets more chicks than Jeff Bezos. Gee, it couldn’t possibly be that he’s way better looking (and still stupid-rich himself), could it?

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