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Impact Fitness Coaching Academy Review

Fit Biz Mastermind

Erin Dimond claims she has a 7-figure online fitness coaching company called Transform 4Ever Systems that she runs with her husband Jordan Dugger.

I literally can’t find it online. Weird. Also weird: why didn’t she take Jordan’s last name?

And speaking of names, Erin Dimond? Jordan Duggar? Sounds like they should both be spray tanned, wearing red, white, and blue singlets, competing in events like Joust and Atlasphere, high-fiving Gemini and Laser after doling out concussions to stay at home moms who used to run track in high school and former D2 walk-on college football players.

Anyways, all that aside, Jordan and Erin run Impact Fitness Coaching Academy, where they can help you start or scale your online fitness business. They’ve already done this for 624 other people and counting.

You have a lot of options when it comes to courses, programs, mentorships, masterminds. To be honest, Erin and Jordan have bought most of ’em. They’ve invested over $250,000 to learn digital marketing and sales and systems and team building and leadership and everything it takes to create a successful fitness coaching company online.

At its peak, the now-disappeared Transform 4Ever Systems had six assistant coaches and four other full-time staff. So if you wanna expand your impact and income without doing everything yourself, Jordan and Erin know the way.

The day you admit you’re lost is the day you allow yourself to be found, Jordan says. Found by individuals who’ve walked the path before you, and can help you get there quicker and cheaper.

Joining Impact Fitness Coaching Academy gives you four advantages: speed, knowledge, a community, and accountability.

No different than why people need you to reach their fitness goals.

Check out this stat:

Per the American Society of Training and Development, you’re almost 10 times more likely to reach a goal if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to.

That’s why IFCA includes one-on-one coaching calls and accountability checkpoints.

If you qualify, they’ll guarantee you add at least $10k to your business in 90 days or they’ll coach you for free until you do.


The guarantee comes with some fine print:

  • You must have an existing business with at least five clients.
  • You gotta have the expertise and experience to get results for your clients.
  • You have to complete all your check-ins and attend all your one-on-one calls with your coach.
  • You have to execute every assigned action item on your custom business plan.
  • Plus show up for all the assigned support calls.

Even after all that, you don’t get your money back, you just get more of what hasn’t worked. This “guarantee” has me so excited I might just need to lie down and take a nap.

It’s especially bad if IFCA really costs $15,000 like someone on Reddit said. You could just listen to their podcast and learn the same stuff for free, they argued. Very unethical.

Another person on Reddit told how they bought some IFCA mini course back in the day and it was the biggest waste of time and money ever. “It’s just teaching you how to scam like them,” they ranted.

Below that, someone else chimed in, “Girl, they got me too! The course was absolute trash. I messaged them to let them know I felt the material wasn’t presented well, wasn’t easy to follow, didn’t make sense, typos, etc., and she [Erin] did not care. Biggest waste of money!”

This other dude decided subtlety wasn’t his style and opted for the flamethrower when critiquing Jordan and Erin: “Sh*tty fitness influencers, scammy business model, and top tier cringe content. They hit the trifecta of awful,” he wrote.

I don’t know about all that but they charge too much, their guarantee is silly, and good luck getting clients when your competition’s using plastic surgery and PEDs and you’re just you.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.