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Six Figure Land Flipper Review (Kris Thomas)

Kris Thomas Nashville

Kris Thomas tried traditional real estate investing and hated it, so she switched to land. Every month she flips plots of dirt for an average net profit of about $35k per deal.

So stick that on the fridge and marvel at it, Pace Morby.

Kris has been doing this consistently for five years from the comfort of her home. She never visits any of the properties.

You can have your own land flipping business in as little as a few months from now, even if you have no experience and no money, Kris says with enough Southern charm that I bet she’d be right at home line dancing to “Achy Breaky Heart.”

Her Land Flipping Money Machine Method has worked for her and her students, and it’ll work for you, too.

Unlike wholesaling and fix and flipping and Airbnb and apartments, land is still under the radar. A blue ocean opportunity, Kris insists, surprising me with her guru-ness.

And because it doesn’t have that thing, that house or building or complex sitting on top of it, there’s nothing and no one to manage, she explains. No leaky pipes or missing shingles or sprouting weeds or broken AC units to address. No sad man with a big belly who only sees his kids on weekends, who’s three months behind on rent but always seems to have money for Busch Light, to evict.

Plus the margins are better with land. Say you pick up a plot for $30k, you might sell it for $60k or even $90k.

Again, without coming outta pocket.

And you can do this in just a few hours a week.

And with 1.9 billion acres of open land and hardly anyone else teaching this, food’s ready, let’s eat! Kris says.

She’s poured everything she’s learned into her VIP coaching program called Six Figure Land Flipper. Her big promise? Anyone who joins and follows her five-step system should have their first land deal done within the next three months.

Scroll down for an overview of what you can expect.

One Away Ventures LLC

Kris will help you determine your criteria. The type of land and location and size and price range and profit potential.

Next, how to search online for such plots that are no longer wanted by the owner. Maybe because of the cost of ownership or their income dipped or they’re getting a divorce or relocating for a new job or they inherited it but want nothing to do with it. Or a million other reasons.

Then lead generation. Kris’s go-to is to send out blind offers, meaning actual purchase agreements to the owners. Each has the exact dollar amount she’s willing to pay.

After you fire off a bunch of those, you’ll sit back and wait for people to call. And they will call, Kris promises. Sounds too easy, doesn’t it? But sure enough, month after month, this gets her 1-4 deals.

So why mentor? Why not just send more offers, splash around in the blue ocean all by yourself? Kris doesn’t say.

Just that the next step is to put the closing date six months out so she has enough time to pluck a buyer off the MLS or Facebook or Craigslist. For that, you’ll need to do some due diligence as well as some homework. You’ll have to consider things like taxes owed on the property and is there an access road and what are the zoning requirements. You’ll need to hire someone to go take pictures you can post.

Once you have a buyer, everyone’s gotta sign on the dotted line and the paperwork gets sent to the title company to make it official and they’ll send you a check or wire transfer for whatever the difference was.

Six Figure Land Flipper will fill in the gaps and provide the tools and resources and support you need to flip land for $20k a pop or better. No word on cost.

By the end of the pitch it sounded harder and slower than it did in the beginning. I’ll stick with websites.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.