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Land Investing For Millennials Review

Land Investing Business Model

Victor Reynolds claims he can help professional and entrepreneur millennials get into land investing and 2-, 3-, or even 4x their money. “What is land investing?” Coach Vic says. “Well, it’s a form of really simple and inexpensive real estate investing that anybody can get into. And I’m not talking about just assigning contracts either. This doesn’t have a limit like that does. This is unlimited because you’re actually acquiring the property for pennies on the dollar.”

There’s a lot of vacant land out there. It’s unwanted, unused. So you hit up whoever owns it, like, “Hey, I’d like to buy this here plot. Here’s what I’m willing to pay.” You negotiate, oftentimes getting it for about a quarter of what it’s worth. Finish the deal. Now you own it and can go sell it in the retail market for its full value. Unlike buying houses, here, there’s no termites, no toilets, no tenants, nothing to inspect; it’s just dirt. Because of that, you don’t even need to live in the same area or see the land in person.

Victor’s backstory had me tearing up. Thank God I’m a pretty crier. But basically, his brother has schizophrenia. Coupla years ago, he wakes up, Halloween morning, and kills their mother. “My world was shattered,” Vic says. “Our family was in ruins. Everything was going crazy. It put me in a very very dark place. Didn’t have a job anymore, ran up a ton of credit card debt, and I was just depressed… sad. I had a family to look after, I had a mortgage to pay, and my people needed me to be better.”

“I didn’t know what to do because I wasn’t bringing money in,” Victor continues. “I was looking at other side hustles to stay afloat but they just weren’t paying enough. And I’m like, there has to be a better way. So I got into land investing, this was right around when the pandemic hit. It didn’t affect me like it did everyone else because it’s real estate, it’s property, it’s vacant land. People still wanted it, at different price points. That year I made $106,000. Again, that was starting from zero and a mountain of credit card debt.”


After pulling himself up by the bootstraps—and seeing how much other people were hurting from the pandemic—Victor decided to share what he had learned. With the right knowledge, and a little bit of time, you too could be flipping land. Generally, if you do things right, you could be cashing checks within 30 to 60 days. Got a full-time job? A kid or two? Worried you won’t have the bandwidth to pull it off? Don’t be, Vic says. He personally only works on this about 10 hours a week or so. Surely you can find 10 hours, no?

Alright, how do you find these profitable piles of dirt? You can start by browsing on Zillow, Redfin, anything. See what’s out there, what’s selling currently. If you find a plot that’s listed for sale (or that sold recently) on Zillow, for example, for $10,000? Just know, the original buyer probably only paid about $2,500 for it, right? So you can work backwards. If you’ve only got $1,000 to invest, look for areas where land’s selling for about $4,000. Or, if you wanna be extra safe, $2,000. (Worst case, according to Vic, you should always be able to double your money.)

Once you find a good area, Vic’ll show you how to get a list of land owners near there who aren’t using their property at all. They live outta state, they owe back taxes, something. You contact them, make an offer, close the deal, submit payment, transfer the title to your name. Hold it if you want to, build on it, or flip it right away. As you do more deals and make more connections, rinsing and repeating gets easier. Want Vic to help you launch your land investing business? Book a call to learn about his coaching program.

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