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Acquisition Ace Review (Ben Kelly)

SAFE Method

Ben Kelly can help you acquire a profitable business in under 90 days without using your own money. 

His team will do everything for you… using their S.A.F.E. Method. 

Ben’s an ex-military intelligence officer who thought becoming a banker was the pinnacle of financial success. He thought wrong. 

So he started multiple side hustles but they either didn’t work or ate up too much time on top of his banking job.

What to do?

Ben was sick of making family decisions based on what something cost.

He was sick of having to ask his boss just to take a few days off.

He was sick of begging for raises and promotions.

His wife shouldn’t have to work, dammit. She should be at home with their three kids.

Not to sound dramatic but Ben felt like he was failing both as a husband and a father.

Yet he was caught in a pickle. Some of his side businesses made money but not nearly enough to replace his job. How could he grow them when he was at his job all day?

He was done. He was over it.

Ready to give up and just focus on his W2.

But then he read this Twitter thread that mentioned a book called Buy Then Build by Walker Deibel.

Ben orders a copy, devours it.

The author talks about acquiring existing businesses to create wealth.

Right then, a light bulb went off in Ben’s head: This is what I’m going to do.

It was such a relief.

  • He wouldn’t have to come up with the next Facebook, the next Tesla.
  • He could pick something that was already proven, already working.
  • Something that already had customers and cash flow.
  • And he could just take that something… and make it better.

It was so much more realistic.

He wouldn’t need another 40 hours a week to build something from scratch. Which, statistically speaking, would probably fail within five years anyway.

Ben could literally just shop the millions of profitable businesses baby boomers are actively looking to sell.

Self Serve Car Wash

Ben dove deep in research and began talking to business owners, brokers and sellers.

The more letters of intent he put out there, the more confident he became that he could actually do this.

He put a “deal team” together to handle the funding and due diligence and legalities and whatnot.

Once he did this, he was able to navigate the murky waters of small business acquisition, and get the first deal across the finish line.

This was a few years ago. They’ve been perfecting their process ever since.

Now Ben believes it’s predictable and repeatable… regardless of who uses it.

S.A.F.E. Method, as it’s called, stands for: Source, Analyze, Fund, and Execute.

Acquisition Ace Academy is where Ben will put it on a small silicone spoon and airplane it straight into your mouth. “Who’s a little sweetheart?”

They’ll be with you every step of the way… until you, too, are the proud owner of a 6-figure cash flowing business.

Nothing is left to chance.

So if you’re where Ben was – wearing the golden handcuffs, desperate for the key – this is it.

Ben’s personally acquired five businesses in the last three and a half years.

He and wifey are finally free.

And Acquisition Ace Academy has already helped 120 students follow suit since opening the doors five months ago.

Ben isn’t forthcoming with cost, which is my only knock on his presentation.

That, and buying a car wash or a laundromat or a carpet cleaning business, or an auto repair shop or what have you, doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

Not when I can turn a domain from GoDaddy into $10,000 a month… and then go do it again and again.

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