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For Good Profits Review

Darryl Ephraums

Darryl Ephraums and Andrej Morgan are the creators of For Good Profits, a company that helps purpose-driven ecom brands grow to six figures a month. They believe only three things matter: customers, how often they buy, and how much they spend per purchase. Those are the three multipliers of profitable growth. Say you wanted to double your monthly revenue in the next 100 days. How would you go about it? Most people toss tactics into the wind and see where they land.

This wastes time and money. Instead, what you should be doing, is trying to increase each multiplier by around 30%. It’s simpler, more doable, increases the value of your ecommerce brand, and sets you up for a strong exit, Darryl explains. So you wake up, each day, and you ask: How are we increasing customers today? How are we increasing frequency today? And how are we bumping average order value today? Because if you’re not doing those three things, you’re probably going backwards.

Okay, Darryl, how? There’s a million ways to get more customers, for example. Which one(s) do we focus on? Instagram? SEO? Facebook ads? Try to go viral on TikTok? “What we really need here,” he says, “is a scalable traffic source. One we can dial up and down with the click of a button. That means ads. And, at this moment in time, Facebook and Instagram ads, specifically. That could change in the future. But for now, the Facebook pixel is everywhere, tracking everyone. They know more about your customers than anyone.”

Now you need a customer acquisition machine. A system for attracting prospects like gamers to a midnight release; and then converting ’em into buyers as quickly as possible. Ads, retargeting ads, emails, text messages, and so on—all tailored to where the person’s at in the buying process. Send the right message to the right person at the right time, Darryl stresses, with a cadence that reminds me of Skool founder, Sam Ovens. But yeah, that’s how ya double your business—by increasing each multiplier by 30%.

Andrej Morgan

“But know this: without a plan, you’re planning to fail,” Darryl adds. “You must stop frittering about and commit to a proven growth process. You must settle on the way you want to play this wonderful game of ecommerce. Because that’s how top 1% brands succeed. Now, if you’re not happy with the current state of your company, you have two choices. Spend days, weeks, months learning all this yourself. Or, you have us guide you through these multiplying machines for your purpose-driven ecom brand.”

Darryl and Andrej believe the latter is faster, easier, funner, and significantly cheaper option. Their program’s called the For Good Effect. An implementation mentorship dedicated to helping you scale to six figures a month. It’s by application only. They’ll ride side-saddle with you to light a fire under each of the three multipliers; install a predictable customer acquisition machine; as well as a predicable frequency machine; and a predictable average order value machine. Book a discovery call to learn more.

No mention of cost. Just some requirements. You must have an active ecommerce business running on a platform like Shopify or WooCommerce. Ideally, you’re making six figures a year, wanting to do that in a month, if not a week. Fill out the application. Answer each question thoroughly. Blah blah blah, make sure to show up for the call. And with that, the For Good Profits pitch comes to an end. Smart, passionate, credible, capable—all words that came to mind as I listened to Andrej and Diggity Darryl, whose parents I forgive for spelling his name like that.

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