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237 Profitable Niches: Anton’s Annoying Ad

Anton Paused

A simple business that can make you $300 profit per sale? Yep, according to Anton Kraly, that’s what you can expect with his Drop Ship Lifestyle system. In his latest YouTube ad, promoting a free report that includes 237 profitable niches, he says, “There are a ton of ways to make money online in 2022. The problem is almost all of them are difficult to start, require a yuge [God I hate the way he says that word] upfront investment, and worst of all? They don’t last for the long-term.”

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Anton goes on to say how he feels super blessed because he came across a simple strategy that worked from day one. And it’s only gotten better over time. It’s a strategy that lets him pocket no less than $300 for every item he dropships. And, get this, he claims he works less than 30 minutes a day. [Sure Anton, we believe ya.] Of course, he can’t go into all the details in this short YouTube ad, but he’d love to have you join him on a “free” training where he’ll break it all down for ya.

“On the training that I’m hosting,” he says, “I’ll show ya how to build a profitable, semi-automated online store in just 21 days. And if you think this is something that sounds too good to be true, I should let you know that I am not the only one seeing results with this strategy. I’ve been helping others to do what I’ve done since 2012. And the results from the people that I work with are literally like nothing else that I’ve ever seen before. Kiel, for example, is celebrating more than $1 million in sales with this online business.”

“Kiel was also able to leave his job, along with his wife, to do this full-time and have more freedom,” Anton continues. “Then there’s Jahsi, who’s celebrating almost $2 million in sales with this simple On. Line. Business. [Did I mention I despise his herky-jerky delivery as well?] Or, moving on, take David and Blanca, another husband and wife team that were able to do, in three weeks, over $34,000 in sales With. This. Simple. Business. Take Gus, for example. In his first day, he received one order for over Three. Thousand. Dollars.”

DSL Pitch

Anton makes no guarantee of your own results, but what he can guarantee? Is you’ll be learning from the best in the industry [gee, and he’s really great at being humble too]. “In fact,” he brags, “my company is the only program to ever be voted Best Ecommerce Course by Shopify [that was way back in 2017, dude, get over it]. That’s because our students get results. So if you are looking to build an online business that can earn $300 or more per sale while working less than 30 minutes per day, I would encourage you to click the buddin [bro, those are Ts not Ds] on this video right now.”

“Go and register for my next free training [as if he’s literally doing this live, on the hour, every hour of every day]. And just so you know: anybody can do this, regardless of previous tech skills (you don’t need any), this also doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started [FYI: his course starts at like $10k], and sales can start coming in within as little as Twenteee. One. Days. I am very happy that I discovered this strategy because it truly did Change. My life. For. The. Better. And I’m happy that I can teach you too.”

So you click through and you’re told to enter your email to get the 237 Profitable Niches report, only, when you do, it’s like a bait and switch: you’re roped into watching this stupid two-hour-long recorded webinar, asked immediately to click on his affiliate link and sign up for Shopify, and then you’d have to enter in your actual cell phone number (so he can spam you to death) just to get that list of niches. And with that, I need a cocktail. That guy is beyond annoying, and that’s on top of being super misleading.

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