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Anti 9 To 5 Club Review (Alex And Wayne)

Screw A Day Job

Alex from Anti 9-5 Club says he and his business partner Wayne originally got into ecom because of the surging demand. Once they cracked the code, they knew, if they put certain systems in place, they could then create amazing opportunities for other aspiring entrepreneurs. The result would be passive income and the freedom and peace of mind that comes with it. But most of the offers you see are overpriced, overhyped, and then they totally underdeliver.

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Not only that, but a lot of these automation-type services require tens of thousands of dollars in open credit to cover inventory. “But,” Alex says, “through a strategy called retail arbitrage and drop shipping, we can generate revenue with super low cost, no inventory, and you only buy products once a customer purchases it from your store. This drastically reduces your risk. We started our journey by building, managing, and scaling hundreds of these types of stores for our clients.”

“Not Amazon or Walmart,” Alex continues. “We’re talking about Facebook. Why? Because there are hundreds of millions of monthly shoppers, it’s ground floor, and it’s not oversaturated. Throughout this time, while managing massive teams to run these stores for hundreds of clients, we created dozens of internal standard operation procedures, roadmaps, and guidelines that our team used to run these stores on a daily basis to create monthly passive income for our clients.”

Lots of people Alex and Wayne talked to were interested in a done-for-you Facebook Shop, but they didn’t have the $15k they were charging at the time to invest. So they decided to come up with something that was more affordable for the average person. And here we are. Their 90-Day Done-For-You Business In A Box offer is, according to them, the only one of its kind. But what all do ya get, what’s it cost, and why does Wayne here look like he just smoked a pound of Skywalker OG? Scroll down, read on.


“We pull back the curtain and show you the exact roadmap, strategy, and plans we use to build hundreds of our own 5-figure customer stores,” Wayne says, doing his best to sound sober. “You will get video tutorials of every single step along the way that will show you exactly how to get to selling and turn this into a fully passive revenue stream. But that’s just a very small part of this offer. Here’s where it really gets fun. We will also do all the heavy lifting for you to get your Facebook Marketplace selling.”

“And,” he continues, “then we’ll create you your very own virtual storefront on Facebook Shop. You’ll also get up to 2,000 bestselling products listed into your Shop; a dedicated virtual assistant team who will handle all fulfillment, customer service, returns, and everything else, right, so it’s totally hands-off for you. Now this is a limited offer because we only have a few spots and we can only onboard about 10 new clients per month to ensure everyone has an amazing experience working with us.”

No prior experience necessary. And unlike when you set up an Amazon or a Walmart store, you don’t need to have an LLC or anything like that. How long’s it take to make money? Coupla weeks, Alex claims. So, you know the drill by now: click the button, fill out the form, and book a time to speak with someone on their team. Of course, they never said what it costs; just that it’s a lot cheaper than the $15k they were charging before. I dunno. I do think Facebook’s more interesting than Walmart or Amazon.

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