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Automated Assets Review (Armando Alejandro)

AI Ad Method

Armando Alejandro has a question for you: How’d you like to make it rain leads, sales and revenue, every single month, on demand, with predictability? He calls this the Accelerator Effect. Perfect if you sell a physical or digital product, a done for you service, or even coaching or consulting. If that’s you, and you’d like to explode your income to 7-figures and beyond, listen up. Armando’s about to turn you into a Chief Rainmaker. Read on for my AutomatedAssets.io review.

Where most marketers go wrong, Armando explains, is they’re focused on the next hot traffic source, when they should be focused on converting the traffic they already have into high-paying clients. It’s like putting a bigger engine in a fundamentally flawed car. What good is the extra horsepower? So let’s get back to the basics. Get your phone to ring. And then, get the cash register to ring. And then, figure out the only two numbers that matter: the cost to generate a lead and the cost to make a sale.

“When you have a predictable system for getting customers and you know these two numbers,” Armando says, “you can spend a specific amount of money each month, knowing you’ll have a positive ROI. So what does this look like? Well it starts with the right targeted traffic and the right message that strikes a nerve and generates a response. We do this by calling out to our ideal client and speaking about his or her pain in rich, vivid detail, making ’em feel like you tore a page outta their personal diary.”

Once you have their attention, you prove that you can alleviate their pain. How? By giving them part of the remedy for free. This can be done in an ad, a short video, a webinar, a series of emails, you name it. After that, you roll out the red carpet and invite ’em to apply or book a call or DM you to learn more. When done correctly, you’ll have a conveyor belt bringing you hundreds if not thousands of new customers a month. You’ll know down to the dollar and day how your campaigns are performing.


So again, the four components to crack this code are: market, message, media, and system. One of Armando’s students, Keyan Razi, who does search engine optimization for real estate investors, went from $7k per month to $50k per month, in just 30 days, by dialing in these four things. Another student, Shawn Lucas, went from plateaued to making $191k in month one of working with Armando. Even the Delorean Motor Company used Armando’s methods to sell out their pre-order slots in no time flat.

Care to join them? Armando’s program is perfect for you if you’d like a steady stream of high value leads; if you’d like to raise your rates; reduce your workload; and knock down more PIFs than you can shake a selfie stick at. “Right now, I’m looking for a few more of my dream clients,” Armando says. “Where I can help them get these kind of massive results. That’s why, for a limited time, I’d like to work with you in a marketing strategy session. But only if you meet the following criteria. Because I work primarily with three types of clients.”

“Those who want more red hot leads,” he continues. “Or people who want to improve their sales conversions. Or people who want to charge dramatically more for their product or service, while working with a higher caliber client. On this phone call, I’ll help you identify how to 3-, 4-, or even 5x your business without spending more time working on it. Working with me isn’t cheap but most clients of mine make back their investment within the first month of us working together.” Hmm. I still don’t really know what, specifically, Armando’s good at.

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