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5 Day AI Crash Course Review (Billy Gene)

Artificial Intelligence Billy Gene

Billy Gene Is Marketing—scratch that, Billy Gene Is A.I. and XR Marketing—has another course to sell you. It’s called his 5 Day AI Course. Is he using fearmongering to cash in on the artificial intelligence craze? Or does he really believe this is a do or die moment for digital marketers? Let’s hear what he has to say, and then decide. So Billy believes artificial intelligence is absolutely gonna put marketers outta business. Unless you’re prepared. Read on.

“It’s smarter than us,” Billy explains. “It’s faster than us. And it’s cheaper than us. And that’s the dangerous part. Most people get ahead financially by either making more money or cutting expenses. And guess what expense they’re excited to cut the most? Me and you. For example, why pay writers when I can ask artificial intelligence to do it for free? Just type what you want, click a button, and in seconds a response will be generated.”

“Or like, why pay for a design when I can ask AI to do it at zero cost?” he continues. “Just type what you need, click a button, and in a flash an image will be created. Why pay someone to code a website when I can ask artificial intelligence to do it without spending a dime? Just type what you want, click a button, and it will be ready in seconds. Why pay a human to act in a video when artificial intelligence can do it at a fraction of the cost? Just type what you want ’em to say, click a button, and your video’s ready in minutes.”

Ditto music production, recording audios, and the list goes on. Billy shows brief examples of each, but they’re laughably bad. Like when he had AI learn his voice and read a few sentences, it sounded mostly like Billy, sure, but with the fluency of a first grader reading Bob Books. If anything, so far Billy’s only convinced me that we’re a long long ways away from ChatGPT or whatever taking all our jobs. On the other hand, I get it. If it’s true that this technology can learn and improve at supersonic speed, maybe I’m wrong.

Billy Shoe Biz

Netflix ate Blockbuster’s lunch. Uber ragdolled the taxi industry. Tesla teabagged G.M. and Ford. Brick-and-mortar retail got depantsed by Amazon and the whole school saw it. Billy’s adamant: traditional marketing’s next on the chopping block. “The AI marketing revolution is rising,” he says. “So which side of history will you be on? Tragedy or triumph? In order to win, you need to get up to speed. I crated an AI Marketing Crash Course to do exactly that. It’s affordable and no tech skills are required.”

“Buy it and prepare yourself. Don’t be the girl or guy still on VHS while the world is streaming,” Billy finishes his pitch with. Then there’s a montage of testimonials from folks who’re backing everything Billy just said. Don’t be a dinosaur. AI’s the future. Billy Gene’s AI course is absolutely mind-blasting. Insane. Life-changing. Pure fire. So yeah, a buncha people pumped up about a trend that may or may not be as disruptive as Billy thinks. Cost is $194. Complete the course and if you don’t make that back, you can ask for a refund. I’m guessing there’s upsells.

I’m torn. Artificial intelligence will definitely impact our lives. But it’s everyone’s guess as to what extent and in what timeframe. (Same as crypto, right?) So is it worth dropping everything to go down this rabbit hole with Billy? At this time in your life? I can’t answer that for you. If you have something that’s working right now, there’s an opportunity cost in getting distracted. Plus, what if the government thinks AI’s unsafe and uses regulation to grind it to a halt? Remember, this pivot is risk-free for Billy. Even if he’s wrong, he’ll make millions selling all of you his course.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.