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The Real Reason Tom Wang Got A Supercar

Tom Wang First Supercar

Tom Wang finally broke down and bought an exotic. It’s a 2020 Audi R8 Performance Spyder. The naturally aspirated V10 cranks out six hundred and eleven horsepower. “Alright guys, I’ve had the car for a weekend now,” he said in a YouTube video. “I got the car on Thursday and tonight it’s Sunday night, so I’ve had tons of time testing out the car, driving the car, and I’m gonna tell you guys why I decided to actually pull the trigger on my very first supercar.” Get the full scoop below.

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“So the reason why I got a supercar is because, well, I mean, come on, who doesn’t want a supercar,” he continued. “Ever since I was a kid, you know, I’m not even the biggest car guy in the world, but every single time you see a car driving past by, I’m like, ‘Holy crap! That would be so much fun to drive!’ And about a month ago, I caught the fever of, basically, my friend Jason, he has a Lamborghini Aventador that he lent to me for my birthday week.”

Tom told how he loved the Lambo. It was a ton of fun. But it was almost too much car for him. Crazy expensive, crazy big (wide, a little tough to maneuver and park), attracted too much unwanted attention, and it didn’t drive the best (rode rough). Still the most incredible car he had ever driven in his life. But not a great daily driver and not the right whip for him. After some research, Tom decided the Audi R8 would be the perfect alternative.

He didn’t give himself the green light to buy it, though, until after he was sick with Covid. “It did mess me up pretty good,” he recalled. “I was in bed for eight days. And when you’re in bed for eight days, you pretty much have a lot of time to think. And one of the things that I thought was, ‘I’ve been working so hard over the past three to four years. Me and my girlfriend, we established our Amazon businesses, we have our coaching program, all these different things.'”

Tom Wang Exotic Car

“And, you know, it wasn’t easy,” he continued. “Like, I spent time, I grinded, I put in the work. And now I have all this money in my bank, our business is generating great cash flow, and my lifestyle hasn’t really changed all that much. So when I was in bed, I’m like, I haven’t really lived my life to the fullest. There’s so many things I want to do that I haven’t done yet. And I did the math, and I was like, ‘I can easily afford this. This is not gonna affect my net worth.'”

Long story short, the man earned it, he had more than enough money for it, so why not. Funny enough, he actually made an offer on two different used Porches first, and both of those deals ended up falling through at the last minute. Tom’s not a fan of McLarens. Again, the Lambo just drew too much attention, among other things. The Ferraris he liked were a little too pricey. So he ended up leasing the R8. Three year contract. He can buy it outright after that if he wants.

The Audi dealer told him they were going to be discontinuing the R8, and it’s such an awesome car, he thinks he’ll probably buy it when the three years are up. “It’s a lot of fun,” Tom said. “I guess Covid might have been a good thing that happened to me because it really changed my perspective on some things. I need to enjoy life, live more, work harder, and help more people live a fulfilling life because tomorrow is never promised. All you have is the present moment and today.”

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