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Marc Aurel Mentoring Course Review


Marc Aurel knows how to break into the top 20% of society faster than anybody else. Gain confidence, build discipline, get the girl, and yes, make more money. The type of thing where, when you walk into a room, people are drawn to you; when you speak, they listen. Is Marc blowing smoke here? Or can he really turn average Joes into high achievers? Scroll down for my Marc Aurel review.

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Marc comes from a very average background. He was raised by a single mom who struggled financially. But that didn’t stop him from building an extraordinary life for himself; something he says he never could’ve done without investing in mentors and coaches. (Which sounds like something a guy who’s about to offer you really expensive coaching might say, huh?)

Right on cue, Marc, in the YouTube ad I just watched, says, “And I want to help you now to achieve what I have achieved, or whatever your personal goals are. And I don’t care if that’s building your own business or getting a high-paying job, getting promoted faster, becoming more confident, becoming more attractive to girls, social skills, sales skills; I don’t care because in all those areas I was bad and became good through the help of mentors.”

The offer? An interactive mentoring course where Marc and his team of superstar entrepreneurs, psychologists, and coaches personally guide you, day in and day out, for eight weeks. “And with what I know now, I’m very confident that I can help you to achieve your life goals even faster than I achieved mine,” he adds.


Sound too good to be true? Marc agrees. That’s why you can try out his services “for free” to see if it’s something you really want to do. How? By scheduling a complimentary Marc Aurel Consulting call. You’ll speak directly with Marc or someone on his team (hundred bucks says it’s the latter) about your insecurities, problems, plateaus, and whatever else you want to talk about. They’ll make like Tony Robbins, offer some sage advice, and ask you to pull out your credit card and sign up for the real thing.

I couldn’t find a price online for Marc’s mentoring course. Just some Trustpilot reviewers that said it cost “a lot” and required a “leap of faith” for them to enroll. (For what it’s worth, they were glad they did.) I’m guessing it’s at least five grand though. Maybe more. Now, would I pay that much? No way. Granted, I’m a girl, so I’m not in Marc’s target demographic (20 to 35 year old males). But still. It’s too vague. Even with a small panel of experts, how could they be good at all the things?

I think you need to attack one problem at a time. Find a specialist who knows how to solve that particular problem better than anyone else. Pay them. Do as they say. Cross that one off the list. Move on to problem number two. I just don’t know that eight weeks with Marc Aurel is going to make you a male model with millions in the bank and hotties beating down your door. Not that he’s claiming it will. But, you know, kind of. And that’s a tall order for one boutique consulting company. Would you agree?

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