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Alex Hormozi Crypto: His Biggest Bags Revealed


Alex Hormozi plans on becoming a billionaire by partnering with online course creators and coaches (who’re already doing at least $1 million a year in sales) and helping ’em scale. And we know he’s a simple man. Doesn’t spend much money. So unless the price of nose strips, wife beaters and flannels goes up exponentially, we can assume he and Leila are over there sitting on some pretty fat stacks of cash. Surely he’s putting some of that into crypto, right?

But then again, maybe not. Because, after all, he idolizes Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, right? And those old geezers can’t stand crypto. Every time Warren gets asked about it on CNBC or whatever, it’s like he’s participating in a Comedy Central Roast. And Charlie? Shoot, if you handed Charlie two ETH, he’d probably hand you back an ass whoopin’. Which would give anyone on the fence about investing in crypto pause for concern. I mean, they’re the GOATs. If they say it’s worthless, who are we—or, in this case, who is Alex—to disagree?

On the other hand, it doesn’t take a genius to understand, A) those guys are old as dirt and so of course they’re not gonna get it, and B) they’ve got hundreds of millions of reasons (in the form of bank stocks they’re stuck holding right now) they need crypto to fail (or at least not disrupt the traditional banking system). Alex would know this. So I doubt he’s been deterred at all by his idols continuously trash talking the entire cryptocurrency industry every chance they get. But still, where does that leave us?

Does Hormozi believe in crypto? It would appear so. In fact, about a year ago, he made a YouTube video titled “5 Untapped Industries That Could Make You A Billionaire,” right? Well, guess what his first pick was? Yup. Crypto. “So NFTs, DeFi, Web 3.0, all of the things that come as downstream ramifications of this new technology, alright?” he says in the video. “It’s booming. And there’s a lot of really cool applications that are gonna come as a result of this. So if you know this space, you will be a player in a massively growing industry and you’ll have this huge tailwind behind you.”

Three Million Plus

So that’s settled. Not only does Alex Hormozi think crypto’s legit, but that it’s literally the hottest money making industry out there. Now. That’s in terms of launching a new business. What about investing in crypto? How does he think about the space? Is he a Bitcoin maxi? Or is he a blue chipper who holds like 70% Bitcoin, 30% Ethereum? Does he dabble in altcoins at all? Or is he like a total degen, treating this like roulette, just sorta “covering all the numbers,” waiting for one of ’em to hit?

That’s what I was determined to find out. So I dug and I dug, and I finally found the answer. Buried in the middle of a never-ending podcast Alex did with Derek, from More Plates More Dates, he just sorta nonchalantly reveals his biggest crypto bags. And when he did, for a split second, I was stunned. Then I was like, “Aah, never mind. That’s actually peak Hormozi.” Ready for it? NONE! Zero, zip, zilch, nada. That’s what Hormozi’s holding and the precise breakdown of his crypto portfolio.

This, despite him knowing it’s the next big thing. How come? Simple. He knows business better. Specifically, e-learning businesses. Which also happens to be an exploding industry, right? So rather than put his money in real estate or stocks or even crypto—which, yes, probably will outperform the other two—he’d rather just buy equity in that sales course that’s doing $2 million a year; and then that Shopify drop shipping course that’s doing $1.3 million a year; and so on and so forth. Bottom line, Alex is all in on Acquisition.com, which means he’s all out on everything else. Including crypto.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.