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Certified Advertising Geneius Academy Review

Billy Custom Plate

Billy Gene Is Marketing, we all know that by now. So what would he do if he were broke, with no brand, no team, no clue what to sell, but needed to make money as fast as possible? Say a thousand bucks in a day? First, he’d stop calling it money. Instead, he’d call it TP, for Trading Power. Because that’s what you’re lacking if money’s funny: Trading Power. You have nothing of value to trade someone in exchange for money.

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So how do you get more TP? Simple, you learn to solve problems. What kind of problem? Well, remember the MUST acronym. The M stands for Massive problem. Because that gives you a massive amount of people to sell to. The U stands for Unique solution. If it’s the same thing people’ve already heard a thousand times, it’s harder to sell. The S stands for Starving market. They gotta need it now. Last, the T stands for Timing. What’s hot, what’s trendy right now?

“And the first example that comes to mind,” Billy says, “that meets all the MUST criteria? Is selling to business owners. Why? Because they’re willing to pay a lot of money if you can be the person that brings them customers. And here’s the best part about it. They not only want customers, to have a better life, but they need customers because they literally can’t survive without them. So if you can be the person to bring a business owner customers? Now you have insane Trading Power.”

Now the bigger question is: Okay, Billy, how do ya do that? Using just your brain, and maybe a laptop and phone? Well, for one, you could just film a quick little five minute video with your iPhone, upload it to Facebook or YouTube or Instagram or TikTok or all the above, right, and launch an ad in like five, ten minutes, max. Let’s ignore the fact that Billy originally said he’d do this with zero money out of pocket, and take Facebook ads, for example.

Billy Gene Is Marketing Tahiti

What you can do in Facebook ads manager is target people who’ve got an upcoming birthday. Guess how many business owners know this is possible, let alone how to do it? Like negative eighteen, Billy laughs. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re serving your local dentist or chiropractor or plumber or pool cleaner or palm tree trimmer, right? ‘Cause all of their customers have birthdays. So the ads pretty much write themselves. For instance: “Hey girl, it’s almost your birthday! Want a coupon for 25% off a massage so you can feel relaxed and fabulous on your special day? Click below and tell us where to send it.”

You can even have it so that when someone submits their info, it gets passed straight to the business owner; so you’re not even involved in that part. In other words, after a little bit of work setting everything up, it’s pretty much hands-free income. Then you could rinse and repeat for different local businesses or for the same type of business but in different cities. Even if the average one paid you five hundred bucks a month, it doesn’t take long until you’re making enough money to replace your day job, huh?

“I’m looking for a small group of ambitious students to work with me directly for the next sixteen weeks,” Billy says. “In person or virtual. And I’m gonna teach you everything I know about the advertising game, and then certify you in celebration. Not everyone who applies to the Certified Advertising Geneius Academy will be accepted, but if you are, consider it a privilege.” No mention of what it costs. Submit an app and book a call with Billy’s team to find out more details.

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