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Cody Bjugan Reviews (Laptop Land Deals Live)

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Cody Bjugan’s been investing in land for 20 years now. He’s carved a niche outta the development space that doesn’t have the capital requirements or risk that you would normally think would be associated with buying and selling land. His new Laptop Land Deals Live is a half-day training where he dives into what he does, how he does it, and why the paydays are bigger than that lifted pickup truck your cousin drives. What’s he compensating for, anyways?

Cody, who, in this video I’m watching, looks like he might’ve just ate some stoney baloney, continues his pitch. “Let me just give you a little hint about why this is so profitable: it’s because we ‘bring value’ to these transactions,” he says, throwing up air quotes, his eyelids looking mighty heavy. “We’re in the value-add business. See, we do and teach this thing called entitlements. And it brings a ton of value to your buyers; yet paying your sellers market value. Other models in real estate don’t work that way.”

“That said, I’m suer excited to host this crash course,” Cody continues. “And I guarantee you’re gonna get a ton out of it. And if nothing else, you’re gonna learn exactly how it is I do what I do, and how I make the type of paydays we talk about. And that is correct. We’ve made seven figure paydays on one deal. Not just once, not just twice, not just three times—I don’t even know how many times we’ve done it. We’ve done it numerous times. But why am I doing this, right? That’s a fair question.”

It is. Like, if dude’s filling up the piggy bank with bacon bits, why waste time and energy and money (because he ran an ad for this) sharing it with us? Isn’t that gonna create unnecessary competition? Cody claims he makes more money doing than teaching; that he only started teaching because he wanted to make a difference, to send the elevator back down. Yeeeah I’m not buying it, even with a 50% discount. But Cody swears, for him, it’s all about PIF: Purpose, Impact and Fulfillment.

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“Go serve a Purpose, whatever that is,” Cody explains. “Go have an Impact on people’s lives. And through having that impact, you’ll find Fulfillment. [Well, tie me up and call me a present, that’s cute as a button, Bjugan.] See, I started Vestright and I started teaching this because PIF is important to me. My legacy’s important to me. Only a small part of legacy is the money you make. I would actually say it’s the least important part of your legacy. A huge part of your legacy is your relationships, your impact.”

Cody’s taking the scenic route to nowhere in particular. He goes off on another tangent about how his word for this year is gather. As in, go gather talented people, go gather great projects. Even in a recession. Eventually he makes a U-turn and mentions some specifics. During this upcoming online event, you’ll learn how to find off-market raw land that has development potential. Plus how to get projects approved for development. And how to do all of this without capital or credit or unnecessary risk. What else?

How to get other people to do 90% of the heavy lifting. How to manage everything virtually, right from your laptop, whether you’re tucked away in your home office or chilling by the pool, waiting on your chips ‘n’ guac and bucket of Pacificos. Cody’s gonna show you how that’s possible. He’s holding nothing back. Come hang with him on Zoom for a few hours, take notes. Stay till the end, ask questions. See if you wanna get involved, ahem, buy his Vestright coaching program.

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