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The Black Fund Review


The Black Fund has a catchy new YouTube ad. In it, there’s this tatted up guy with hipster hair, who says, “Imagine making a hundred grand in just a few minutes, without knowing anything about this before. If you’re watching this and you wanna make money from your laptop or your phone, and you’re a complete beginner, listen up. The cool thing about this business model is that you don’t need any massive up-front investment and you literally need no experience at all.”

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“We’ve made over a million dollars doing this exact same thing in the last six months,” he continues. “Now, if you’re not interested in learning how to do this, go ahead and skip the video and I’m sorry for wasting your time. But if you do wanna copy exactly what we do and make money with us in real-time, in the next sixty seconds I’m gonna teach you the fastest way I’ve found to make real money online. Follow me. [Camera cuts from his Mercedes to his condo, where there’s a stunning skyline sparkling in the windows behind him.]”

“I just wanted to show you that you can do this from anywhere in the world. I usually do it from my bedroom, as you can see. But you can choose to do it wherever you like. You can do it from your car, you can do it on a run, you can even do it if you have a full-time job. That’s the coolest thing about this model. I just made forty-seven hundred in minutes this morning. One of the other members made nine thousand dollars using the same copy and paste template. And another member made six K.”

“And if that’s not enough for you, just yesterday one of our members made sixty thousand dollars in just one day. Simply copying what we did. We all do the exact same thing. And the best part about it? Is that we do it together. I can show you results for days. We get over thirty new results from our members every single day. Or I can show you exactly how to do this on the very first day without any sort of previous knowledge. You can click on the screen right now and watch a free tutorial.”

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“In that free tutorial, I’ll show you exactly how to get set up. Complete beginners have made four hundred, five hundred, even eight hundred dollars in their first day. All people who watched an ad like this, took action, and used the same template we use every day. So I can go on for days showing you millions of dollars worth of results, or you can just click on the screen and get set up with us and get your own results right now.” With that, the YouTube ad comes to an end and you’re asked to click and register for the free webinar.

My thoughts on the ad? Why not just tell people what it is? Why make them jump through all these hoops just to find out you’re trading options, stocks, and crypto? Also, saying you don’t need a bunch of money to do it? Okay, in theory I suppose that’s true, but to get the types of results you’re talking about, you would need a big bankroll to trade with, would you not? And then what about the downsides? Like, oh I don’t know, the fact that you could copy their trades and lose all your money? They should probably point that out.

Look, I’m just critiquing their marketing here. These might be great guys with an outstanding knack for picking winners, and you might very well see a massive ROI copying their moves. And I’m not against putting your money to work for you in the markets. So hey, if you wanna buy The Black Fund’s Red Membership, which gets you training and conference calls and signals, be my guest. Cost is eighteen hundred a year or two hundred and fifty bucks a month. I don’t mind the offer one bit. I’d just like to see more transparency in their ads going forward, that’s all.

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