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0 Percent AI Algorithm Trading Bot Review

Fraudster Jeff Sekinger

Jeff Sekinger and hundreds of his clients are making 10% or more, per month, in an investment that can be managed in less than five hours a month. Also, it’s liquid. So they can pull their cash out at any time. And even though the markets have been a bloody carcass in the middle of the road, getting run over for the last year or so, this particular investment has yet to have a losing month. What is it, why’s he telling you, and what’s he trying to sell now, right? Let’s find out.

Jeff Sekinger says he’s a former JP Morgan asset manager. He knows the corporate world. He knows investments. In 2018, he left that job to start his own hedge fund. He now has hundreds of investors and thousands of retail clients. His company, 0 Percent, sells plenty of money-making schemes, courses and opportunities. I’ve been critical of his past offers. Just the way he promotes them. Get rich quick and easy is generally the premise. But I’m beginning to wonder if Jeff, here, is the only one doing that.

“The thing that I’m speaking about today, actually, makes me over $100,000 a month, semi-passively,” Jeff says. “Like I mentioned, it’s about five hours a month. But that is obviously a six-figure-a-month income from this type of investment. And because of this success, a lot of people have been inquiring. Businesses, institutions, other investors, and people like yourself have been asking: How are you producing triple digit returns a year, especially lately, with everything going down drastically?”

Tech stocks have plummeted. Crypto’s on life support. Even bonds, gold and commodities have been sliding backwards. And yet, Jeff’s over there with his secret strategy, supposedly printing money. How? Well, it’s got something to do with a proprietary AI trading algorithm. And Jeff’s so rich nowadays, he doesn’t mind sharing it with you. His so-called Algorithmic Trading Accelerator is a step by step training program, community and software that’ll unlock those 10% or greater monthly returns (even in down markets) he keeps talking about.


Of course, Jeff, being the snake he is, sneaks in a disclaimer that basically says, “Yeah bro, you’ll probably make nothing. You might even lose money. And if you do, it’s not my fault.” But how it works is, you come into the program, license his stupid software, fund your trading account, connect Jeff’s “Pelosi trading bot,” then sit back and watch it do its thing. You should see returns within a week. If not, you probably did something wrong. Or there’s a technical difficulty with your computer. Jeff’s team will be happy to help you out with that.

Currently, this bot’s winning 92% of its long trades and 91% of its short trades. In just nine months, Pelosi grew a live trading account from $1,000 to nearly $42,000. That’s like a 4,090% gain. At this rate, Jeff Sekinger’s net worth should pass Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk’s any day now. Oh but it gets better. Jeff’s got another bot—this one he calls the FED bot—that makes dozens of trades a day with smaller profit targets. In 709 days, this thing’s went out and fetched a total return of like 976%.

Get excited. You’re about to be a billionaire. But if not, don’t come crying to Jeff. He told you: past results are not indicative of future performance. You might’ve missed it. It was right after that clip of him hopping outta his Lambo, right before he boarded that yacht. No? Doesn’t ring a bell? Didn’t think so. That’s by design. Hype, hype, hype, (cough, cough) disclaimer, hype, hype, hype. That’s the real formula for getting rich quick and easy. Use it to sell courses and algorithmic trading thingies and hedge funds and you too can be wealthy like Jeff. Just promise me you’ll make better fashion choices.

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