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Brain-A-Thon Review (John Assaraf)

John Assaraf Brain Expert

John Assaraf failed English and math, dropped out of high school before his senior year, and yet he took his first business from zero to four-point-five billion a year in sales. How did he do it? By learning a few brain unlocking secrets that helped him transform his life and business into something truly magnificent. John agrees, that does sound crazy. But he believes there is a hidden superpower inside of you as well. The reason you haven’t realized it yet is because no one else is teaching you how to tap into it.

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“I have a group of neuroscientists that have recently discovered how to tap into your brain’s superpower,” John says in a new ad for his Brain-A-Thon program. “And what I’m about to share with you is nothing that you can find by watching YouTube videos or reading articles from Huffington Post. If you want to learn the same brain unlocking secrets that helped me become a multiple New York Times bestselling author and build five multimillion dollar businesses, click on this ad.”

John wants you to join him this Saturday (seems like he repeats this every week) for a free masterclass. And since he knows your time is super valuable, he gives a sneak preview of what you’ll discover during the masterclass. “Check this out,” he continues, “neuroscientists have found that there’s a switch inside your brain that you can flip on, which allows you to program your mind to achieve any goal faster and easier than ever before.”

“In essence,” he adds, “it turns your brain into your superpower. Scientists call this the discovery of the century. And let me put it in plain English. When you flip on this switch, you can hit your business and your life goals faster. You can improve your income. And yes, you can take control of your emotions, like fear, and that one is huge. You can have more peace of mind and more freedom. And what does that do? It gives you the ability to live life on your terms.”


And that’s barely scratching the surface, John says. You won’t want to miss the masterclass. They’ll be unlocking an enormous amount of brain unlocking secrets. There is a catch. This isn’t some magic formula or get rich quick scheme. You need to learn these powerful techniques and you need to put them to work for you. Once you do, you will never ever look back. Click the tiny blue button now, John says, and start pursuing your dream life today.

At the end of the YouTube ad, he asks if you could use an extra one thousand or five thousand or even ten thousand dollars a month in income. Would that allow you to live more of the lifestyle you want? If the answer is yes, he’ll show you exactly how to break free and achieve your goals right from the comfort of your own home. “I’ll see you this Saturday, and I guarantee it’ll be the most transformational event you have attended all year.”

The Brain-A-Thon is free, but once you’re in John’s funnel you’ll be presented with a number of info products you can purchase. His company, NeuroGym, sells e-learning programs such as Exceptional Life Coaching, Winning The Game Of Money, Seven Days To A Millionaire Mindset, Winning The Game Of Fear, Winning The Game Of Weight Loss, Winning The Game Of Procrastination, and Having It All. There’s also a book called Innercise. You can even pay for private consulting with John Assaraf himself. The cost of each is only revealed after you sit through a webinar pitch.

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