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EF Ultimate Break Review


What is the best way to travel young? A company called EF Ultimate Break says it’s through them. They cater to 18 to 29 year olds, offering group travel adventures to every corner of the globe. Are they legit? Where all can you go? What types of activities will you be doing? How much does it cost? What are current members saying? Scroll down for my EF Ultimate Break review.

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EF Ultimate Break believes exploring the world should be fun, not stressful. So they’ve created a service that handles all the planning, flights, food, accommodations, and excursions on your behalf. All you have to do is travel. You can sign up by yourself or with friends, but each trip will be taken with a whole bunch of other EF Ultimate Break peeps. Select from over 65 destinations: Hawaii, Bali, Rome, India, Thailand, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, US national parks, you name it.

Onto pricing. If you book more than 100 days out, you are required to put down a deposit of just $150. If it’s 60 to 100 days out, the deposit jumps to $750. If your trip is less than 60 days away, you would have to pay in full. For any balance that remains, you can select a biweekly or monthly pay plan. There are no payments for 45 days. You are not charged any interest or fees. You must finish paying at least 30 days before your scheduled trip.

Now let’s talk inclusions. You’ll get affordable flights. Either a boutique hostel or hotel with great location and comfort. Your own personal tour director. All transportation once you arrive will be taken care of. Expertly-crafted itineraries with city walks, iconic sightseeing, and one-of-a-kind experiences. A welcome dinner, free daily breakfast, and farewell dinner. Around-the-clock support. Backed by more than 50 years of experience.


Feedback from those who’ve already traveled with EF Ultimate Break is overwhelmingly positive. “Okay so first, before anyone contemplates if EF Ultimate Break is ‘real’ or not, we cannot leave a review until after coming back from the trip. There isn’t an option to leave a review prior to the trip, of course, so this is all genuine and up-to-date,” wrote one person.

They continued, “This trip was amazing! Perla was an amazing tour director; so helpful, and kind and she knows so much about Iceland! All of the activities and excursions were awesome! As a piece of advice, if anyone is considering the Iceland Escape (winter), I would highly recommend buying crampons. It’s a bit of snow and the crampons make it easier to walk in the snow while hiking. This was my very first trip with EF and I’m glad I took the time and chose Iceland as my first city.”

In sifting through dozens of other online reviews, the only recurring complaint I found was that some members had their trips canceled due to Covid-19 and were unable to get full refunds. They felt wronged because obviously it was out of their control and thought EF Ultimate Break should have reimbursed them and eaten the loss themselves.

Being more of an introvert, I personally wouldn’t enjoy traveling with a group of strangers. I also would prefer to have full control over my trips, rather than being on someone else’s schedule. Those are the two big downsides from my vantage point. But overall, EF Ultimate Break seems like a solid solution for anyone who is aged 18 to 29, outgoing, adventurous, and eager to globetrot on a budget.

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